What’s New On Netflix In July Of 2021? List Of New Shows and Movies Releasing


Netflix is your go-to source of entertainment, that’s a true statement, and we all know about it but the real confusion starts over the fact ‘What to Watch Next’?We’ve to you the list of what’s new on Netflix and what you can watch.

Well! If you really want to know about that then you’re at the very right place, as we’re going to share with you a list of shows that’ll be released in July of 2021.

Now, here we go and do not forget to comment out your favourite series or the one that you’re going to add to your bucket list.


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Young Royals

Release Date: July 2nd

A story about royal Prince Wilhelm stuck between his royal life and obligations coming with it and him wanting to go for a life that’s free.


Haseen Dilruba

Release Date: July 2nd

A murder mystery that includes love, sex, revenge, a strong plot and famous actors such as Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane in lead roles. A must watch and brand new on netflix   two watch over the weekend.

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The Fear Street Trilogy 

Release Date: July 2nd, 9th, 16th for first, second, and third part respectively

A group of teenagers uncovers some horrifying truths about their town and gets into trouble with the ghost of the past. A chilling horror film that can bring shivers down your spine over the weekend.


Rick and Morty S05

Release Date: July 05th and 12th for Episode 1 and 2 respectively

If you need an introduction to Rick and Morty then you’d not be waiting for season 05 of this show.

If you know, you know, it’s that kind of a show. So, go and tune into season 01 if you still haven’t and then you’d be wanting to gorge on the upcoming season already.

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Atypical S04

Release Date: July 09th

The story of a person stuck with Autism in their cruel world, who’s looking for love and acceptance. The show is coming back after two years already.


The Good Doctor (S01-S03)

Release Date: July 12th

This should be on your list if you’re a fan of House MD or grey’s anatomy. A special story of a autistic individual who joins in a a surgeon trainess but surpasses anyone due to special brain capabilities.


Private Network: The Man Who Killed Manuel Buendia

Release Date: July 14th

A documentary about the death of journalist Manuel Buendía and everything that goes around the scene.


Heist (Limited Series)

Release Date: July 14th

Three of the biggest heist that America saw, expanied and portrayed beautifully over small screen.


Never Have I Ever S02

Release Date: July 15th

You have to be kidding us if you’re not aware of this. It’s a massive release and everyone (the show has a massive audience) is waiting for it’s second season and now it’s here.

Feels Like Ishq

Release Date: July 23rd

A anthology of six individual episodes about how we can find love in the oddest of places.


The Last Letter From Your Lover

Release Date: July 23rd

Ellie Haworth discovers old letter from two lovers and starts investigating the hidden mystery behind the incomplete trail but finds rather interesting things in her pursuit of truth.


How To Sell Drugs Online (FAST) S03

Release Date: July 27th

Wait! You can become addict after you watch this show, a ‘How to Sell Drugs Online’ addict. The show is great and coming back for it’s third season.

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