Top 10 Korean Thrillers on Netflix 2023

A woman's life takes a dark turn when an ominous man finds her lost phone, using it to monitor her every move in this gripping thriller.

1) Unlocked 

Featuring Park Hae-soo from Squid Game, this espionage thriller unfolds in Shenyang, China. It tracks a Black Ops team of an intelligence agency and a former prosecutor assigned to investigate them.

2) Yaksha: Ruthless  Operations 

The film skillfully combines breathtaking visuals, action, and intrigue, offering a thrilling cinematic experience set in a dystopian future among the stars.

3) Space Sweepers

In this Korean drama, a gangster seeking refuge on Jeju Island after a personal tragedy finds an unexpected connection with a woman. 

4) Night in Paradise

In this supernatural mystery thriller, a young monk embarks on a mission to prevent the resurrection of a malevolent spirit imprisoned for 2,500 years. 

5) The 8th Night

In this psychological thriller, a young woman revisits her former home and stumbles upon a enigmatic phone that lets her communicate with the former resident from two decades prior.

6) The Call

Yoo Ah-in, from Hellbound, takes the lead in this zombie thriller as a gamer battling for survival during a horrifying zombie outbreak in Seoul.

7) Alive

It is a dystopian action thriller that follows a group of friends, led by Choi Woo-shik from Parasite, who successfully execute a daring heist.

8) Time to Hunt

In this riveting action thriller, a North Korean special forces agent makes the daring choice to defect to the South while safeguarding an injured leader during a coup.

9) Steel Rain

It follows a young investigative journalist and single father, who, after a fruitless three-year search for his abducted son, embarks on a quest to locate his child through the avenue of lucid dreams, as the title suggests.

10) Lucid Dream

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