Must-Watch Korean Dramas on Netflix

Experience love across borders, underdog triumphs, mafia intrigue, tech dreams, medical bonds, historic zombies, and crisis-zone romance in these top Korean dramas on Netflix.

A captivating romantic comedy set over a decade, entwining a high school fencing prodigy and a chaebol scion against the backdrop of the '90s Asian financial crisis.

1) Twenty Five Twenty One

A poignant blend of Sex and the City, tracing three best friends' journey through love, career, and loss on the brink of turning forty.

2) Thirty-Nine

A decade-old high school romance, once documented, resurfaces as a viral sensation. With a sequel in the works, the former couple must confront their past and rediscover their feelings.

3) Our Beloved Summer

All of Us Are Dead adds a coming-of-age angle to zombie horror as a school experiment triggers an outbreak, leaving students battling for survival.

4) All of Us Are Dead

A story of vengeance and transformation as a woman infiltrates the criminal underworld to avenge her father's death.

5) My Name

A gritty drama following army soldiers tasked with tracking down and returning deserters, uncovering the challenges and complexities of military life.

6) D.P.

A suspenseful series where desperate contestants compete in deadly children's games for a massive cash prize, unearthing the dark sides of human nature.

7) Squid Game

Anticipated Korean Dramas of 2023