7 WWII Thriller Action Movies You Can't Miss!

Dive into the heart-pounding world of WWII with these 7 must-watch thriller action movies. Brace yourself for epic battles and relentless suspense.

In the midst of the Afghan war, a local interpreter puts his life on the line to escort an injured sergeant across challenging and extensive terrain.

1) The Covenant

The Expendables face off against a powerful arms dealer and his formidable private army.

2) Expend4bles

It tells the story of Robert J. Oppenheimer, a young physicist who is enlisted to work on the project to build a nuclear weapon during World War II.

3) Oppenheimer

Summer of '42 portrays a teenage boy named Herman infatuated with his neighbor Dorothy, who is alone while her husband serves in WWII.

4) Summer of '42

The Notebook depicts the love story between Noah  and Allie. Their intense romance is disrupted when Noah goes off to fight in World War II.

5) The Notebook

It loosely based on Paul Brickhill's nonfiction book, depicts British Commonwealth soldiers escaping from a Nazi POW camp in World War II Germany.

6) The Great Escape

A Belarusian anti-war film, seen through the eyes of a teenage boy, poetically portrays the Nazi occupation's atrocities in Eastern Europe.

7) Come and See

Top 7 World War II Movies for Your Must-Watch List