Upcoming Movies and Web Series on Netflix in May 2023

Here is the list of movies and web series for your binge-watching that are coming soon on Netflix.


Netflix is a platform that never fails to amaze its subscribers with new movies and web series. And the month of May is no different. As we step into May 2023, it brings with it a whole new list of upcoming movies and web series on Netflix that promises to keep us entertained throughout the month. From action-packed movies to thrilling web series, Netflix has something in its kitty for everyone. In this article, you will find all the details about the upcoming movies and web series on Netflix that are available to stream in May 2023.

Upcoming Movies and Web Series on Netflix in May 2023

So here is the list of new movies and web series on Netflix May 2023:


1) Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – May 4th

Netflix expands the Bridgerton franchise with spinoffs and limited web series, starting with the prequel Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story releasing on May 4th. The series follows a young Queen Charlotte, as she meets and falls in love with King George, alongside some additional storylines featuring young Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury will also be continued in this series.

2) Sanctuary: Season 1 – May 4th

Sanctuary, a Japanese Netflix Original series, follows the journey of an amateur sumo wrestler as he struggles to find acceptance in a sport steeped in tradition. The show delves into the world of sumo, where ambition for money, fame, and power can clash with Japanese customs and values. Written by Tomoki Kanazawa and directed by Kan Eguchi, the series will be released on May 4th, 2023.

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3) The Mother: May 12th

The Mother is an upcoming action-packed movie starring Jennifer Lopez that follows the story of a former assassin who must protect her daughter. Directed by Niki Caro this movie is set to release on May 12th and promises to showcase a mother’s passionate determination to keep her child safe.

4) XO, Kitty: May 18th

XO, Kitty is an upcoming romantic comedy web series that serves as a spin-off to the Netflix franchise, To All The Boys, this new web series is based on the life of teen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey who finds that she’s still got a lot to learn after moving halfway around the world. The web series will be available on Netflix from 18th May, 2023.

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5) Muted: Season 1 – May 19th

On 19th May, the Spanish crime drama web series Muted is coming on Netflix. This web series follows the story of Sergio who hasn’t spoken since the day he murdered his parents. Six years later, a teen girl may be the key to all this is revealing the whole story. To find out what did exactly happened? Wait for this upcoming web series on Netflix.

6) FUBAR: Season 1 – May 25th

FUBAR is an upcoming web series that starts Arnold Schwarzenegger in a lead role. Created by Nick Santora FUBAR follows the story of a CIA operative who is on the verge of his retirement, but is forced to take up one last job. The most interesting thing is that this time around he has been partnered up with his daughter who also works for the CIA. The web series will be available to stream from 25th May, 2023 exclusively on Netflix.

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7) Blood & Gold: May 26th

Blood & Gold is an upcoming war drama movie that is set during WWII. Directed by Peter Thorwarth, this movie is set to release on Netflix on 26th May. The movie follows the story of a German deserter caught in a battle against SS troops in a mission to uncover hidden gold.


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