Watch: The ROFL TVF Indian Dressing Room Vlog to Laugh Out Loud

Watch: The ROFL TVF Indian Dressing Room Vlog
Source: TVF YouTube

The Viral Fever (TVF), known for producing great comical videos, has released a parody version of the Indian cricket dressing room after India’s exit from the Asia Cup 2022. The video titled Indian Cricket Dressing Room by TVF will have you laugh out loud. Watch it with your closest friends if you want to double down on the fun.

The parodical video starts off with Hardik Pandya recording a vlog and announcing that Mahi Bhai (MS Dhoni) has come back to the Indian dressing room after India’s exit from the Asia Cup. Pandya is heading there to record Mahi Bhai’s dressing room talk before bumping into KL Rahul, who is on the phone with Suniel Shetty to decide the menu of his and Athiya’s upcoming wedding.

tvf dressing room vlog
Source: TVF YouTube

The ROFL TVF Indian Dressing Room Vlog then shifts to the dressing room, where Mahi Bhai welcomes Hardik and Rahul in a sarcastic tone. After that, we have one of the hilarious Mahi Bhai imitations you will love to watch. The actor playing Dhoni is too perfect in his role.

The video is one of the best comedy videos to come out in recent times and provides us with much-needed relief in the midst of India’s painful exit from the Asia Cup. TVF has also made a few sly digs at some of the controversial topics by gracing them with some of the most hilarious and laughable touches.

TVF just knows the Indian’s feelings and clearly shows that they are the best when it comes to making relatable, funny videos. The video ends with a hilarious imitation of the reel by Indian players in the dressing room. You have to watch it right now. The best thing- it is only 7 minutes long.

Here’s The TVF Indian Dressing Room Vlog:

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