Top 7 Companies who have permanently shifted to Work from Home


For many companies, the switch to work from home was quick and fierce during the coronavirus outbreak. However, many companies are realizing that continuous remote employment is the way of the future.

The epidemic was one such occurrence that imprisoned every workplace enthusiast to his or her tiny home office, and that group outing you were so thrilled about is now simply a name in your office calendar.


Workers are increasingly being assigned to work from home by the companies. Some employees celebrate as corporate offices provide many possibilities for working from diverse settings, while others lament the good ole fashion office days.

Here is a list of the top 7 companies that have permanently shifted to Work from Home

  1. Tata Steel Ltd.

Tata Steel, India’s largest steel manufacturer, has also joined on the work-from-home trend. Companies  ‘Agile Working Model’ policy permits workers to work from home for up to 365 days per year.

Moreover, even officials who are obligated to be based in a specific region can choose to work for WFH for an infinite number of days each year.

  1. Facebook

With one condition, the social media company offers remote work depending on seniority. Relocation will almost certainly necessitate a compensation modification based on the new location. For the time being, recent grads who join the team will be unable to work remotely.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg expects that by the end of the decade, roughly half of all employees will be working remotely. With over 30 offices in the United States, candidates can select from a variety of locations based on their function.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox enables staff to become full-time telecommuters. Beginning in October 2020, working remotely became the “day-to-day norm” for staff members.

Their proposal is repurposing existing office facilities as cooperative co-working spaces for employees to utilize as required.

  1. Deloitte

The worldwide consulting company has more than 80 American offices, but employees can work from home or in the office.

Remote employment is contingent on managerial agreements and may include a hybrid model.

Top 7 Companies who have permanently shifted to Work from Home


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  1. IBM India

IBM intends to increase its focus on work-from-home. The company has agreed to let 75 percent of its staff work from home.

The technology company intends to end leasing arrangements in nearly half of its locations in major Indian cities.

  1. OYO Rooms

Earlier this month, OYO launched initiatives aimed at improving staff well-being. It specified that the team leader would guarantee that teams only worked within the required work time.

Significantly, It would take individual time off and would provide annual vacations. Oyo also offers its employees a 50% deal on a 12-month membership to cure. fit.

  1. Razorpay

The payment company rewards its members with a no-questions-asked allowance to help them improve their internet connectivity, set up desktops, and cover other expenditures associated with work-from-home.

Additionally, It has also worked with Rentile to provide office equipment for its employees.

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