7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

Here's how to have fun while working from home.


Working from home isn’t new, but it sure became a big deal when the world had to stay indoors. Before all that, some folks were already enjoying the perks of not having to commute, thanks to the internet and a growing love for a chill work vibe.

Back in the day not many had the chance to work from home before the world went topsy-turvy. It was a rare treat for a few lucky ones. But as computers got cooler, more people started swapping office chairs for couches.


Cool Ways to Work from Home 

Now, let’s dive into some cool ways you can jazz up your home office life:

1) Make Your Space Snazzy

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

Customising your work place with the things that you love would surely enhance your proficiency in work. You can use colourful posters, plants, exciting props to make your work desk look more appealing and interesting. Try to create something which makes you feel energetic.

2) Work When You’re in the Zone

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

Gone are the days when people used to say that you should work according to a strict time table. This is the era of being fluid with your work timings. If you feel you are productivity increases at night and you feel more engaged in the work at that time then you should choose to work at night.

3) Hang Out Online

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

There is no need to go to the office in order to intermingle with your work colleagues. You can simply use apps like WhatsApp or Google Meet to connect instantly with your work buddies. This will surely make you feel more comfortable when working from home.

4) Share What You Know

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

If you think you are proficient in something then you can use online platforms like UpWork and Fiverr to reach skills to others and earn some extra cash. You can also choose to simply fulfill a few jobs without having to reach anyone to earn some extra money. Cash is the biggest motivator there is.

5) Pet Power

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

If you feel you are getting stressed while working from home then you can take the help of your pets to feel a bit lighter. Studies have shown that people with pets are generally less inclined to feel stressful. Hanging out with your pet while working could make you stress free.

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6) Work and Wander

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

Work from home does not mean that you have to stick at one place to get the job done. You can chose to go to a community park to do your work in clear sky. Also, you can choose setting according to your preferences. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

7) Move It

7 Fun Ways to Work from Home

One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is that you can become lethargic and lose your shape with time. This happens when you sit all day at a same place. Just moving around a bit and throwing some dance moves in a day could easily solve this problem.

This is the age of work from home. The concept of WFH is here to stay and it is the right time to start having fun while working from home.


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