Top 5 TV Series you can binge watch on Netflix Anytime!


Netflix remains the top TV series and motion picture streaming platform because of its ease of use, no commercials, and absolutely unique content. Since the world has paved its way to television to web platforms, so putting your money for Netflix subscription is worth every penny. Netflix is an excellent choice as a streaming entertainment platform for the user.


Netflix’s unique content has made strides essentially over the years, with amazing documentaries, binge-worthy unique series, horror motion pictures, and sci-fi shows. And it proceed to contribute heavily to unique content, meaning that the variety and quality proceed to grow.

Following are some of the top 6 TV series which are worth binge-watching in 2020.



  1. Money Heist

If you’re obsessed with thriller, mystery and robbery related content, then this is a must-watch. It is a fictional TV series tracing the event of biggest heist led by the mastermind, the legendary Professor. He recruit eight people to carry out the massive heist recorded in the history. For knowing how the mind-blowing yet the suspense unfold is something to look up for.

Money Heist is among best tv series to watch on netflix

  1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is another one of the biggest hits ever created by the Netflix. For those interested in science fiction; this is something not to miss out. It’s all about supernatural and suspenseful activities happening on the other side of the world. The perfect blend of an excellent storyline and the amazing cast makes your time worth for sure.

  1. Friends

This legendary TV show is the one which perhaps needs no explanation since words can’t do justice to describe this legendary show. However, to mention a few it is a classic sitcom TV series based upon the daily lives of six friends. Friends is that show which has the power to put a smile on your face when you feel lonely and gloomy. This epic show of 90s still finds its way to make the newer generation burst out excitedly.

Friends is aired on Netflix

  1. Sherlock

This is one such impressive and engrossing adaption of classic Arther Conan Doyle’s series which might blow off your mind completely. Sherlock is a British crime TV series that portrays the crime events happening in England and how diligently the very popular Sherlock Holmes solves the crime mystery. It has been praised the content quality and the outstanding execution of the novel based story.



5. You

This Netflix original creates a lot of fuss amongst the netizens when it was first aired. “You” is a psychopath story of young man who never fails to stoop low for love. The story details how he crosses path with a young, charming, and ambitious women and soon he develops an infatuation. How he intrudes the privacy of the women and manages to kill anyone who comes in his way is one of the craziest thing you’ll ever watch.

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