33 Best Rap Songs in Hindi You Need to Listen Now

Here are the best Hindi rap songs of all time.


Rap music has taken the world by storm in recent years, with its unique beats, powerful lyrics, and raw energy. While it originated in the United States, rap music has also found a home in India, particularly in the Hindi-speaking regions. Hindi rap has become increasingly popular over the years, with many artists making a name for themselves in the industry. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Hindi rap and take a closer look at some of the most popular rap songs in Hindi.


Hindi rap first gained popularity in the 1990s with the emergence of Baba Sehgal, who is often credited as the father of Hindi rap. His hit song “Thanda Thanda Pani” became an instant sensation and paved the way for other artists to follow in his footsteps. Since then, Hindi rap has evolved and grown, with many talented artists emerging on the scene.

33 Best Rap Songs in Hindi You Need to Listen Now

33 Best Hindi Rap Songs

1- Angreji Beat

Sung by Gippy Grewal and Yo Yo Honey Singh, Angreji Beat was a chartbuster rap song in Hindi when it was first released. The song was written by Veet Baljit, and it was a part of the album International Villager IV.

2- High Heels

Another classic rap song in Hindi by Yo Yo Honey Singh that made him the favourite of every rap lover in India. High Heels is sung by Jaz Dhami and Yo Yo Honey Singh and is written by Alfaaz.

3- Brown Rang

A rap that was turned down by many singers and ultimately landed in the palms of Yo Yo Honey Singh, Brown Rang was a sensational hit back in the day. It was part of the album International Villager.

4- Breakup Party

A Hindi rap song that became the anthem for the heartbreaks in the 2010s, Breakup Party is an absolutely entertaining song sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Leo. It was part of the album Breakup Party.

5- Gabru

Who remembers the old gang of rappers, Mafia Mundeer, that ruled the town in the 2000s? If you remember the OG group, then you are an elite. Gabru was sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh and J Star when they were part of the Mafia Mundeer. The rap is a part of International Villager IV.

6- Goliyan

Yes, we load it! The iconic line of this rap song had us all confused back in the day. Yo Yo Honey Singh combined with Diljit Dosanjh to deliver this blockbuster rap which is a part of the album International Villager.

7- Chaska Ye Yaaru Nu

Yo Yo Honey Singh is the king of rap in India, and this song that he sang with Raja Baath for the album The Crown showcases his diversity. The Hindi rap ushered the Big E and Tupac kind of vibes into the Indian rap scene.

8- Blue Eyes

Written and sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Blue Eyes is another rap song in Hindi that has ruled our hearts for a pretty long time. It is one of the biggest hits of Honey Singh in his influential career.

9- Sheikh Chilli

One of the greatest Hindi rap songs, Sheikh Chilli, sung by Raftaar, was targeted at the rapper Emiway Bantai. The song showcased the class of Hindi rap songs when it comes to beef among the rappers.

10- Loser

Written and sung by Dino James, Loser is an inspirational Hindi rap song that will motivate you to keep hustling and strive for the best. Loser took the Indian rap scene to the next level and inspired many young rappers in India.

11- Delhi Wali Baatcheet

Raftaar’s Delhi Wali Baatcheet is often hailed as an iconic Hindi rap song by many rappers in the Indian scene. The song was probably one of the first raps that talked about a particular state or place in India.

12- Aage Chal

Another Hindi rap song by Raftaar that continues to inspire and motivate the young artist, Aage Chal is the story of an artist who progressed past his critics, past the naysayers, past the non-believers and his inner demons to become a national rap icon.

13- All Black

Sukhe Muzical Doctorz and Raftaar combined for this Hindi rap song that became a sensational hit. All Black is written by Jaani.

14- Chaar Botal Vodka

If you love binge drinking and living in the moment, then this is the song for you. Yo Yo Honey Singh sang this for the film Ragini MMS 2. The lyrics for this rap are written by Ustad Bhagdarh Ali Khan Sahab.

15- Desi Kalakaar

Another Hindi rap of the legendary Yo Yo Honey Singh that became a favourite of every Indian music lover, Desi Kalakaar is just a phenomenal piece of music that everyone deserves to hear at least once in their life.

16- Baazigar

One of the latest Hindi rap songs to get a huge level of popularity, Baazigar by Divine and Armani White, is a banger.

17- 3:59 AM

Divine is probably one of the biggest names in the Indian rap scene right now. The track 3:59 AM from the album Punya Paap is an underrated rap that is yet to be recognised by mainstream society.

18- Kaam 25

Divine wrote and sang this song for the web series Sacred Games. Kaam 25 is set in the backdrop of Mumbai, a polarising city and the canvas for the story of Sacred Games to unfold.

19- Chal Bombay

One of the most iconic Hindi rap songs of all time, Chal Bombay by Divine, is an emotional song that will make you teary-eyed if you have experienced the loss of a close one.

20- Mere Gully Mein

Naezy and Divine collaborated for this Hindi rap that served as the title track for the Bollywood film Gully Boy. Mere Gully Mein is a fun song that takes you to the slums of Mumbai, where most Indian rappers are born and raised.

21- Mirchi

Divine, MC Altaf, Phenom and Stylo G sang this Hindi rap together for the album Punya Paap. It utilizes the genre called Brazilian Funk, invented in Brazil.

22- Aafat

Naezy is one of those Indian rappers who started his journey with no support and ultimately found success. This freestyle rap revolves around his life story, things that affected him and the reality of the system, which has been delivered with a lot of passion, uniqueness and authenticity.

23- Bombay 70

Naezy used to record his song entirely on iPad back in the days when he did not have enough resources. Bombay 70 is one of the best Hindi rap songs of all time. It was sung by Naezy for the short film Bombay-70.

24- Aafat Wapas

Naezy took a long break from rap music but returned with this crazy track that quickly became a hit. Aafat Wapas is for all his friends, fans and fellow rappers who were eagerly awaiting his music amidst all the support that the scene has been receiving off late.

25- Lil Bunty

KR$NA is one of the best rappers when it comes to singing beef songs. His beef with Emiway is highly popularised in the Indian rap scene. He sang this diss for the rapper Lil Bunty. It’s a mind-blowing song that everyone deserves to listen to at least once.

26- No Cap

A Hindi rap song that is known for its powerful lyrics, No Cap, sung by KR$NA, is an ultimate rap track that is just rap and nothing else. You won’t find any slow verses in this rap.

27- Raastafari

Two of the most influential rappers in the current rap scene, EPR and Karma, sang this absolutely mindblowing song that highlights the philosophy of Reggae at its heart. Raastafari is a fresh new sound with a vibe that’s so addictively dancy and drenched in optimism, but the lyrics laden are complex in rhyme schemes, metaphors, references and beyond, that it’s bound to be stuck in your head and yet be mind-boggling leaving you in awe!

28- Ekla Cholo Re

EPR is known for the Hindi rap songs that inspire and bring out the reality of Indian society. Ekla Cholo Re is a warcry for people who are dying, and nobody cares enough to bat an eye. The song originally went viral on MTV Hustle, where EPR was a contestant in the first season.

29- Badluram Ka Badan

The rap song talks about the legend of Badluram and follows up, with the brave tale of Havildar Hang pan Dada and pays tribute to the soldiers of our motherland. EPR Iyer completely nails the emotions with his powerful lyrics.

30- Koi Gham Nahi

Soulful-mellow-mood-motivational Hindi rap song sitting atop oriental-chill-trap is bound to set a vibe & make you feel nostalgic about the struggles & obstacles one faces, in life but yet keep the will of fire intact and moving forward, come hell or high water. EPR’s lyrics are majestic.

31- 1 Se 23

Karma is an underrated rapper who continues to win the hearts of many of his followers with his fast-paced and impactful verses. The rap song talks about a space where there are no hindrances for an artist to showcase and speak their minds through their music.

32- Ram Ram

Ram Ram is probably the most viral Hindi rap song of 2023. It was sung by MC Square in the Hustle this year. He won the show on the basis of this electrifying song.

33- Zindagi

J Trix is a criminally underrated Indian rapper who penned down and sang some of the best Hindi rap songs in recent times. Zindagi is a song about life that will make you realise everyone struggles, and you just have to continue following your passion.

This list of best Hindi rap songs is quite short, but we hope you find it helpful.


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