Top 10 Love Story Movies to Watch With Your Partner on New Year’s Eve

Check out the wholesome love story movies that will make your New Year's eve pleasurable and delightful.


If you are a person who loves romantic movies and want to spend your New Year’s eve with your partner lying down in a cosy blanket while watching some love story movies, then you have arrived at the right place. This is for all the lovers out there who plan New Year’s eve to have a good time with their partner. With Coronavirus getting back up, this is the safest and the loveliest choice on New Year’s eve. Moreover, nothing matches the good time spent with your partner. Also, we promise that the movies listed here have love stories you have not watched earlier. We have consciously omitted the popular love story movies that all of you have watched. This list brings a fresh set of love story movies that will make your New Year’s eve a perfect night to welcome the New Year 2023.

Best love story movies

Top 10 Love Story Movies to Watch With Your Partner

1- Leap Year

Leap Year is one of the most underrated romantic movies. It’s a film with a beautiful love story at its core. The movie follows a woman named Anna Brady who arrives in Dublin to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on February 29th in a leap year. However, before she reaches her boyfriend, she faces many challenges in her way and meets a man who changes her outlook towards love. The IMDb rating of 6.4 does not do justice to the film’s beautiful love story. You can watch it on Netflix.

2- Plus One

One of the love story movies to not get the deserved praise and appreciation despite having a good romantic story at its core. Plus One follows longtime friends Ben and Alice, who agree to be each other’s plus one at every wedding they’re invited to during a busy summer of wedding fever. The movie has an IMDb rating of 6.6 and is currently streaming on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

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3- Once

Once is a musical love story movie that you may not have seen. The film is a unique romantic drama. It won the Oscar for the best song but remains severely underrated. In Dublin, a girl meets a boy and assists him in putting together a demo disc of his musical performances. Later, they fall in love and express their feelings through their songs. The romantic movie has an IMDb rating of 7.8 and is currently available to watch on Apple TV.

4- Definitely, Maybe

One of the most heartwarming love story movies of all time, Definitely, Maybe follows a man who reminisces about his life before marriage. The man is going through a divorce. It has an IMDb rating of 7.1 and is currently streaming on the OTT platform Apple TV.

5- 500 Days of Summer

A love story movie that has been misunderstood by many people over the years. 500 Days of Summer has a beautiful story. Tom reflects on the year he spent with Summer, the girl he thought he could spend the rest of his life with. She, on the other hand, is unconcerned about relationships or boyfriends. The movie has an IMDb rating of 7.7 and is streaming on YouTube.

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6- The One I Love

Surely, one of those love story movies that will make you feel all kinds of emotions. A couple (Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss) on the verge of divorce have a surreal experience during a weekend getaway at a house recommended by their therapist (Ted Danson). You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. The film has an IMDb rating of 7.1.

7- Mr Right

Martha falls in love with Francis, whom she believes is the ideal match for her. However, as their relationship progresses, she learns that he is a murderer. Now, this is a love story that comes with a great twist. It has an IMDb rating of 6.3, and you can watch it on YouTube.

8- The Incredible Jessica James

Jessica, an aspiring playwright in New York City, is dealing with a recent break-up when she meets Boone, who is also dealing with a recent breakup. They work together to figure out how to survive in a “post-relationship” world. The film is one of the best love story movies to watch on Netflix right now. It has an IMDb rating of 6.5.

9- What If

Wallace has had several failed relationships, but when he meets Chantry, things start to change. With time, they realise that they are falling in love, but Chantry already has a lover. It’s a beautiful, conflicted love story movie, and you can watch it on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video. The romantic movie has an IMDb rating of 6.8.

10- About Time

Last but not least on the best love story movies list is About Time. Like all the men in his family, Tim Lake possesses the power to travel back in time. With his father’s advice, he uses his special ability to pursue his romantic interest. It has a great IMDb rating of 7.8, and you can watch it on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

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