Tokyo Olymipcs 2021 Update: PV Sindhu Bags Bronze Medal For India


The 7th seat holder PV Sindhu from India; carrying the wishes and hopes of her motherland, goes up against the 9th seat holder He Bingjiao from China at Musashino Forest Plaza, Tokyo.With He Bingjiao holding a 9-6 lead in their head-to-head face-off, PV Sindhu manages to close the gap with style by securing the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020 and we’ll soon perceive how.

PV Sindhu


PV Sindhu grabs hold of the first set with a huge 8 score difference.

The first set took off with He Bingjiao’s serve but Sindhu directly snatches the first point with a deft drop right off the bat. Having the momentum in her favor, Sindhu managed to gain a 4-0 lead but got shut down right away with Bingjiao then having a 5-6 lead.

With a beautiful smash coming from Sindhu, she manages to get a 2-point lead with 10-8; and as to not let go of the flow, she carries on till 14-8 with a 5-point streak until broken by Bingjiao.

By persevering through the rallies calmly and not taking it easy even with a huge lead, Sindhu takes away the first set by a huge 8-point difference with a 21-13 score.

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Sindhu says no to third set and claims the bronze medal with a clean 2-0 win!

Sindhu switches and serves first for the second set. Right after the serve, Bingjiao accidentally puts more power into her shot and hits an outside, giving away the first point and momentum to Sindhu.

By having the first set in the bag and more leeway to work with, Sindhu calmly perseveres her way through the rough rallies and occasional lead shifts to finally get a significant 4-point lead of 15-11 in the last stages of the set.

With the bronze medal in sight, Sindhu spares no efforts to maintain a 4-point gap of 18-14. After finding and seizing the opportunity, Sindhu finally claims the bronze medal and exulted over her triumph by letting out a cry of sheer joy and happiness.

With this, Sindhu not only manages to claim the gold medal but also closes the gap between He Bingjiao with Bingjiao leading with 9-8.

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