The New Microsoft Office 2021 For Windows & iOS


Microsoft is one of the most prominent tech giants out there and no wonder the reason be their key products, Windows and MS Office. Both of these are the key products upon which many other sectors are dependent for their workflow.

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Microsoft Office

Now, before making this into a Microsoft appreciation post, we’ll move onto their latest announcement. Yes! we’re talking about Jared Shapiro, Microsoft 365’s corporate vice president’s blog post, in where he talked about releasing the new Microsoft Office 2021.

While this may be exciting news to all those who have been using the older version of Microsoft 2019, this also means that their cloud platform Microsoft 365 will get the latest updates as well.

In the same blog post, he also talked about Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). Now, you may be left wondering what that exactly is? So, for those commercial companies who cannot afford to update their software frequently over a period of time due to different issues, this new LTSC is for them only.

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“The cloud is where we invest, where we innovate, where we discover the solutions that help our customers empower everyone in their organization—even as we all adjust to a new world of work,” Shapiro writes. “But we also acknowledge that some of our customers need to enable a limited set of locked-in-time scenarios, and these updates reflect our commitment to helping them meet this need.”

The LTSC would be beneficial for corporations having a large number of employees that use a local system. The reason being that while they are not using cloud services or their main commercial-based product which is Office 365, they are still getting features just the same.

Now, if you’ve been wondering what new changes that you might see in the new Office 2021 or the LTSC suite then they might offer Dynamic Arrays, XLOOKUP in Excel, dark mode support across multiple apps, and performance improvements across Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

There are lot fewer chances that a preview will be released and that you get to test it beforehand but we all know that this is a solid upgrade in their product lineup. Although, the full version will be available for purchase sometime during the second half or last quarter of the year probably.

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