Thriller Movies You Cannot Miss Out on


What better way to get that feeling than watching some good thriller movies.

There are certain times when you are in the mood of watching something that is rather exhilarating for you. What better way to get that feeling than watching a good thriller movie? In order for a thriller movie to be good, it needs to have the kind of suspense that just keeps you on the edge of your seat through the entirety of the movie. 


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If you are looking for a list of interesting thriller movies to watch, then look no further since we have a few lined up for you. Keep reading to find out what those movies are:


You could either call this one a thriller or you could call it a horror. Sinister is definitely one of the best thrillers ever made. Imagine a demon that kidnaps the youngest child in your family and uses it to murder the entire family. That is exactly what the story of Sinister is. A man who is also a famous author moves into a house with his family where very recently a very gruesome murder had taken place and the youngest child had gone missing. 

Upon investigation, he finds out that there have been a series of cases with the same details and something had to be done about it. He starts working with the Sheriff’s deputy and tries to figure out what the case is until he finds out that there is something a lot darker at play here and there is a demonic entity involved. The movie has the kind of ending that has trying to figure out what exactly happened because your mind just can’t seem to process it. 

Sinister 2

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How could we not talk about the sequel too? Both the movies are just too good to not be mentioned. Sinister 2 takes place right after the events of the first movie and the Deputy is living with some regrets about how the situation could have been a lot better in the events of the previous movie if he had been smart enough. However, some time passes and there seems to be some peace until the Deputy gets news that similar cases have started popping up again where families are being murdered and the youngest child of the family has gone missing. 

The Deputy then tries to fight tooth and nail until he can find a viable solution to the murders and also so that he could redeem himself for not being so serious about the cases in the previous movie. It could easily be said that Sinister 2 is just as good as Sinister 1 and it does complete justice as a sequel to the previous movie. 


Would you start losing your mind if you were on house arrest too? Disturbia is among the most underrated movies ever made. The movie stars Shia LaBeouf as the main lead, as he plays the character of a boy named Kale. Kale very recently loses his father to a car accident they were involved in and upon mockery by a teacher in school about his father’s death, Kale punches his teacher in the face. This leads to Kale being put on house arrest and he cannot leave his house until he completes the time that is decided by the judge. 

Kale eventually begins keeping tabs on everyone in his neighborhood and he observes a lot of sinister things going on, which may also include his next-door neighbor being a serial killer and hiding it well. If you really want to watch an exhilarating movie then Disturbia should certainly be on your list. 


A movie you probably haven’t seen before. What could possibly happen if you were stuck in an elevator with people and one of them was the Devil himself? In the movie, a couple of strangers are stuck in an elevator and one by one everyone starts dying in mysterious ways. Eventually, everyone figures out that one of them is the Devil and they are being punished for everything bad that they have done. It turns out to be the Devil’s meeting and since none of those people repented or wanted forgiveness for what they had done they had to suffer the consequences. 

However, the way the movie progresses is actually brilliant and it keeps you captivated through the entirety of the movie, so this should definitely be on your list. 

Wrapping Up

In order to have the experience of a lifetime, it is essential for you to watch at least one thriller movie that keeps you captivated. So be sure to keep this list in mind when you are looking for thriller movies to stream!


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