Ten Hidden Benefits Of Eating Cardamom (Elaichi)


Cardamom, a.k.an Elaichi( local name) is one of the staple ingredients of Indian cuisine. Maybe it is a part of your tea or your biryani or your kheer, it can rule out its presence itself. But did you knew that cardamom is known as the “Queen of spices”? And today, it has become an inseparable part of the culinary in every household. 

And this spice has kept to its name of being a great support to many health conditions. It has covered many centuries while delivering strong mental and physical help to the people. Let’s find out the top benefits of elaichi.

Ten Hidden Benefits Of Eating Cardamom (Elaichi)

Elaichi Cures cough and cold

Elaichi contains cold-fighting antioxidants in their tiny pod structure. They come in two types: Green and Black. Black cardamom is said to leave the more effective result with them. Add black cardamom to hot water with honey or tea and drink these fluids to provide warmth to your body during cold or flu.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

The antioxidants present in the spice can lower down your blood pressure too. A study done shows that those who consumed it regularly displayed a gradual decrease in their blood pressure levels. Also, the action of cardamom is promoted by the diuretic effect, which helps our body to urinate properly and excrete water that builds in our body.

Help with Digestive Problems

For centuries, cardamom has been used as a defense to cure digestive problems. They have been mixed with other herbs to relieve stomach ache, gas, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. The action of cardamom helps to increase the food movement in our intestine after heavy meal consumption. 

Treat Bad Breath and could Prevent Cavities

Cardamom also helps in taking your unwanted breath out of your vocal source. Their minty freshness can remove bacteria, germs, and cavity-causing substances. Experts suggest that eating full cardamom pod after your meal is one top basic remedy against bad breath. 

Regulate Sugar Levels

Cardamom has been known to contain certain antioxidants that have dual properties. For example, the percentage of manganese and other important minerals in cardamom can regulate sugar levels of your body. For better results, you can consume it in powdery form. 

Support Weight Loss and Anxiety

Cardamom, which if consumed whole, can regulate your metabolic rate also. A study was done on 80 overweight and obese prediabetic women show that eating cardamom have decreased their waist circumference over time. It also helps the body burn more fat effectively. 

Helps With Your Sleeping Problems

Yes, you read it right. This small aromatic spice contains specific oils in it. These oils, when mixed with our blood and fluids, could help us fight against the sleeping disorder. They are also responsible to help through insomnia, restlessness, mood swings, and anxiety.  

ELaichi Contains Cancer-Fighting Compounds

A study done on mice shows that cardamom contains some cancer-fighting compounds. These compounds provide energy to our body cells. And it is believed that regular intake of a small amount of cardamom powder can trigger certain cancer-fighting enzymes. 

Though the above research is still pending to be examined on humans. And it is considered wholeheartedly that cardamom plays a major role in the medical sciences. 

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