5 home-made drinks that can keep you cool this summer.


The summer heat has us all captured and we are seating like hell with rising temperatures which seems to go up every day, we need something  cool drinks to keep us down and help us fight against this heated season.

Well, we can always rely on our kitchen and fix ourselves something that is easy to prepare and can chill our guts at the same time. Here is a list of top 5 drinks that you can prepare in your household without any hassle which will help you get through the day with you being chilled from inside.

Best Summer drinks for you


1.Cucumber water


Cucumber water includes one of the easiest preparations and has a lot of benefits. It helps you during weight loss, has a lot of antioxidants, helps control blood pressure, provides a glow to your skin, enhances bone health and much more.


  1. Take a big jar of water
  2. Add cucumber slices in it followed by a pinch of sea salt.
  3. Refrigerate the mixture for at least 4 hours.
  4. Drink all water within three days.

2.Coconut water

Take a green coconut, dig a hole and fit in your straw after which you can gulp down the salty coconut water which is rich in electrolytes and potassium along with many other benefits. Well, if you are fond of good old days and also a bit lazy in terms of preparing drinks for yourself, this is the best option.

You can also go for coconut milk, which is equally delicious but it has high-fat content compared to coconut water and might not be a perfect fit for someone going under weight loss.


3.Green Iced Tea

Green tea is popular among many when going underweight loss due to its health properties. It had bioactive compounds that give a boost to your overall health, it contains antioxidants and also can save us from the risk of certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.


  1. Heat up about a cup of water
  2. Add one teabag filled with green tea leaves and let it brew for about 5-10 minutes naturally.
  3. Later on, remove the tea bag and let the mixture adapt to room temperature after which you can either refrigerate it or even add ice cubes to drink it quickly.
  4. You can make a big jar of ice tea and store it in the refrigerator as it doesn’t get spoiled for about 3-5 days.



Milk is churned and stirred to get by-products such as buttermilk which is not only tasty but has the power to make our intestines chilled in this nasty summer. It also helps to wash down fats and if you feel bloated after eating something heavy, just take a glassful of buttermilk and you’ll be good as new in no time.

Preparation of buttermilk takes considerably more time and some special preparation is required, so we rule out that anybody would have time to actually prepare it in their busy life. Grab yourself a commercially manufactured packet of the same and let your gut be soothed out.


5.Melon Smoothie

Smoothies are everyone’s favorite and you can always mix and match to experiment with whatever you like to drink. Melons are a rich source of vitamin A and C and it provides other health benefits too like radiant skin and is a rich source of potassium for bone health.


  1. Take some melons and add them in a blender along with honeydew, mint and any other sort addition you’d like to make.
  2. Blend them all in and have a glass of refreshing melon smoothie.

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