These 7 Food Combinations Cause Major Health Issues

Food Combination

Several food combinations are difficult to think to be individually consumed like rajma and rice, chole with bhaturas, and many such combinations. Some use it for comfort, and others use it to achieve their fitness goals, whereas most of us just love eating it when we’re bored.

Whether it’s food that can be cooked with a simple recipe or food with pungent flavors and complicated methods, all of us have our favorite meals or snacks to munch on.

But did you know that there are unusual food combinations that are actually harmful to you? Even if the ingredients are completely healthy on their own? 

Food Combinations

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7 such food combinations along with why they’re unhealthy:

Sandwiches with coffee

For a lot of people who are in a hurry in the morning, a cup of coffee along with a couple of sandwiches is a staple. 

However, when you combine cheesy sandwiches and coffee, you lose the healthy properties of cheese. The simple carbs in bread prevent the proper digestion of calcium. 

It also prevents in bringing help to your cardiovascular and nervous systems. 

Lastly, if you add coffee to this, your health won’t be benefitted at all.

Tomatoes with cucumbers

According to research, combining the two vegetables can actually be harmful by disturbing the biochemical pathways of the body.

As a result, you could have excessive swelling and calcination. Additionally, the vitamins contained in the two vegetables will not be properly digested. 

Finally, tomatoes and cucumbers have different times for digestion. This will end up confusing the system.

Potatoes with meat

A lot of people love eating sandwiches and lunches that contain potatoes and meat together. However, the two are not a match made in heaven as most people say.

Potatoes contain starch that requires alkalotic digestive fluids. On the other hand, meat has proteins that require acidic ones instead. 

When you combine the two, they get stuck inside and this can lead to health issues like belching and gas.

Pasta with minced meat

Following the same logic as above, this combination is unhealthy for you as well. Ptyalin and amylase are produced by our salivary glands.

This converts starchy carbs to simple sugars in pasta.

Beer with nuts

When we eat salty products, we’re taking in a lot of sodium. This increases fluid loss which leads us to feel extremely thirsty.

This increases the probability of one drinking more pints of beer. 

As the world’s third most consumed drink, one doesn’t have to explain that beer has pretty bad effects on your system.

Dairies with pineapple

There are plenty of recipes online for pineapple milkshakes and whatnot. 

However, dairy and pineapple don’t gel well at all. Sour fruits can make your digestion much slower. This is especially true in the morning.

To add on, bromelain is an enzymic complex that’s contained in pineapple. When combined with dairy products, it can cause intoxication.

Milk with bananas

It’s a cult favorite for a lot of people. Some can’t start their day without their banana smoothie or milkshake.

However, it may disturb your sleep pattern and digestion process. Your digestion system may even get confused due to the different flavors.

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This could result in multiple kinds of imbalances in your system.


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