PAN Card Fraud: How To Detect and Save Yourself From It?


Indiabulls is a lending company that has made headlines recently because of a controversy. This controversy was with Fintech platform Dhani Service. A few cases have been recorded by a few PAN cardholders, where a loan has been taken by an unknown person with the consent of the PAN cardholder. 

PAN Card
PAN Card

Fraudsters take loans from Dhani services and do not repay.  Due to this, the CIBIL score of the PAN cardholder reduces drastically.  

How is PAN Card Used to Transfer Money?

Now, the question arises, how can a person transfer money using someone else’s card?

Amit Dubey, a cybercrime expert in New Delhi, says that the Dhani app and other similar apps, grant loans that are relatively smaller with PAN cards and mobile numbers only. A person’s mobile number is connected directly with their bank accounts.

So, a person can transfer money with someone else’s card. Without a doubt, fraudsters commit cybercrimes as the amount of loan is small.

How To Avoid Such Cyber Crimes?

Amit Dubey has also mentioned a few ways that will help people avoid cybercrimes like these. 

Firstly, a person should not when sharing their documents like Aadhar cards, PAN cards and many more with unknown people.  People should take care of such confidential documents. 

Secondly, a person should be very careful when sharing these documents. There is a high chance of misuse of the documents if not careful. To make that misuse of these documents do not happen, one should write the purpose of sharing photocopy of one’s documents. 

Amit Dubey also advised the PAN cardholders to keep a track of one’s loan details and CIBIL score from time to time. This way any activity or transaction not done by the cardholder can come into notice. Hence, crimes are solved before its too late. 

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How to Keep a Track of Activities?

Nowadays, it is very easy to keep track of and check your CIBIL score online from anywhere. Now, people need to log in to the websites of any credit bureau. A few credit bureaus are CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, and many more.

From there, a person can find out all the details of the loan against the card, if any. 

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