Schools and Colleges In Delhi To Reopen From 1st November 2021


Schools and Colleges in Delhi would reopen from November 1st, after almost two years. It has been a long time since the students have not seen their school and college campus, but it ends starting from the next month.

The classes will restart at a 50% strength as per the norms followed in corona for offline education.


Additionally, it is also essential to know that if a student of their parents is not good with the idea of physically attending the school/colleges, they can opt out of that.

In such cases, the online classes will be taken by the students as they’ve been doing up until now during the time of the pandemic.

“All the schools and educational institutes shall be allowed to be opened, for all the classes, in Delhi from November 1st. However, schools shall also continue online classes for the students who are unwilling to attend classes offline,” Manish Sisodia tweeted.

“It was informed in the DDMA meeting that in all schools, 98-99% staff have received at least one vaccine. But now they should expedite the second dose as well and ensure that the few people who haven’t yet received a dose get it,” Sisodia said after the DDMA meeting on Wednesday, October 27th.

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The schools and colleges have been closed in Delhi since March 2nd, 2020, and then they were respawned during January once in 2021 but were again closed in April due to the second wave of Covid.

This time we’re starting again, and things are going back to normal, which should stay that way, and we hope for that.

Although there have been talks of the third wave after the festive season is over, chances are looking slim for that, and we cannot be sure of that.

Now, if you’re a student and have been bored without the daily dose of education and fun while sitting in classes with all your buddies, it’s time that you go back already.

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Also, tell us whether you will be attending classes or not or if you’re a parent, then how comfortable are you with the idea of offline education now? Drop your comments down below with your thoughts on the matter.


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