Travel Ban Lifted By The US As New Guidelines Are Implemented


New Air travel guidelines to be implemented from 8 November for US travel would require passengers to provide proof of their vaccination prior to boarding.

The latest announcement by the Biden administration allows all international travelers to fly into the US as long as they follow the new rules being implemented from 8 November.

The guidelines state that the passengers would have to provide vaccination proof. The vaccines that will be accepted for the same have to be one of the seven authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This decision will further promote getting vaccinated among the masses.

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The pre-departure procedure will also require vaccinated subjects to present a negative test within three days of departure in addition to proof of vaccination. The press release also reveals US citizens and LPRs will also have to present proof of vaccination. However, if the same is not possible, it is mandatory for them to show a negative test one day prior to departure.

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Biden’s decision will be applicable to all non-citizens of the US who under former President Donald Trump had been denied entry into the US.

The proof presented to the airline authorities at the time of departure should be issued by an official means, whether on paper or a digital copy, clearly mentioning the passenger’s name and date of birth. Other details mentioned should include the name of the vaccine shot so administered and the dates for all doses.

Children under the age of 18 may not necessarily show vaccination proof if not administered due to the varying ineligibility across nations. Nevertheless, the pre-departure negative test is still mandatory for them as well.

Essential key points to keep in mind are that unvaccinated individuals need to be tested negative one day prior to departure, whereas for the vaccinated travellers this period extends to a span of three days.

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To ensure safety among international and domestic travellers alike “the new system also includes enhanced testing requirements, strengthened contact tracing, as well as masking” as revealed by a senior administration official. The strict protocols are fully followed by the travellers to ensure safe travels.

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