Jio-Bp Launches Its First Mobility Station at Navade, Mumbai on 26 October


With a rapidly growing fuel market in India, Jio-bp, a joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and bp, has come up with its first mobility station. The new project offers customers a multitude of fuel choices to pick from in addition to other state-of-the-art services.


Jio-bp aims to lead this chain of fuel market in India in the coming years. In order to achieve that goal, they have already made a footprint in the right direction by offering various services to enhance customer experience.


Here’s a list of things that new network of Mobility Stations has to offer:

Additivised Fuel at No Extra Cost

This option containing the internationally developed ‘ACTIVE’ technology is set to replace regular fuels.

The ACTIVE technology helps form a protective layer on engine parts which further facilitates cleaning them efficiently.


EV Charging Infrastructure

A network of EV Charging Stations and Battery Swap Stations will be set up at the Mobility Stations

A Convenience Offering Making Refreshments Available to Customers

The international brand- Wild Bean Cafe, will serve refreshments to customers on the go, whereas the 24×7 Shop will cater to their demand for confectionery, snacks, and daily need items.

A Network fo Express Oil Change Outlets

This move is brought about by partnering with Castor Oil at their mobility stations. Other services being offered are- a free vehicle health check-up and a free oil change service.

All 2 wheeler customers will also be able to avail of the oil change service free of cost if buying Castor lubricant at the Express Oil Change stations.



Their press release dated 26 October 2021 details their objectives for the coming year as “Multiple fueling choices while providing a world-class retailing experience”.

They also promise ‘Quality and Quantity’ assurance. As customers avail of these services, they can expect better pricing, discounts, happy hour schemes, while flexible digital payment options will be also be made available for the same.

All in all, customers can hope for a renewed experience that seeks to move away from the older rusty practices as we step into the new age with the latest infrastructure to top it all off.

Be part of a rewarding partnership with Jio-bp. A journey that offers steady returns and enhanced profitability.

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