Cyclone Nisarga Update: 130km south-southwest of Alibag


After the Amphan cyclone in Bengal, another cyclone Nisarga is ready to hit Maharashtra and is anticipated in Gujarat also, which is not sure as the cyclone is moving towards Mumbai. It is exactly 190 km away from Maharashtra at the moment.

Cyclone Nisarga

Cyclone Nisarga will make landfall as ‘severe cyclonic storm’ close to Alibaug, 94 km south of Mumbai this afternoon with a wind speed of 100-110 km per hour gusting to 125 kmph. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said it will affect the coastal districts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, Gujarat, and other neighboring states. Airlines have canceled flights to Mumbai scheduled for today. COVID-special trains have been rescheduled as the city braces for its first cyclone in over 100 years. Section 144 (CrPC) has been imposed in Mumbai from the midnight of June 3 to noon on June 4. Police have asked citizens to refrain from venturing out to coast-beaches, promenade, parks, and other similar places along the coastline.


The India Meteorological Department (IMD) revised its forecast and said Cyclone Nisarga is now likely to make landfall between 1 pm and 4 pm just south of Alibag, a resort town in Maharashtra’sRaigad district.

Cyclone Nisarga is now 130km south-southwest of Alibag, 175km south-southwest of Mumbai and 400km south-southwest of Surat, the weather bureau said.

It had said earlier that Cyclone Nisarga is expected to make landfall very close to Alibaug between 12 pm and 3 pm.

Precautions That are taken by MUMBAI

The situation is 100% under control. Our men will be manning the streets for the next 24 hours. Those policemen who are on leave have been called into work. We have appealed to religious leaders in sensitive areas like Pydhonie and Dongri to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate. We request people not to circulate text messages about rumors, says Arup Patnaik, police commissioner of Mumbai to Mohamed Thaver.


  • Citizens are requested to stay indoors,
  • keep water, dry food, torches, batteries, and candles ready.
  • Keep the radio and mobiles charged.
  • People who are residing in Kachha Home/ Zopadi or Huts should move urgently at Safe Shelter facility with their livestock. 
  • All balconies should be clear of any hanging material (flowerpots, cardboard boxes, rolling items, hanging decorative pie.
  • Check for any loose glass window, door panel and get it repaired if possible or just try staying away from it.
  • Two-wheelers to be on the main stand to prevent it from fall.
  • Check for damage to electrical equipment. If you notice sparks, exposed wires, or burning smell of rubber, disconnect the main power supply and call an electrician.
  • Check for air leaks. If you smell gas or hear a leaking sound und, open the windows and exit the buildings. If possible, turn off the gas valve and report it to the gas company.
  • Please ensure sufficient stock for necessities like milk, vegetables, medicines.
  • Ensure sufficient drinking water in case of power loss to the water purifier.
  • Please keep your windows and doors shut and stay away from your glass windows, just stay put in the indoors
  • In an emergency please call on Toll-free no. 1077 and 02141227449. Stay safe, don’t panic just follow the guidelines.

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