Google Photos Update: No Unlimited Storage Access Anymore

Google Photos Update

Google Photos is one of the best apps by the Google for those who are losing their photos always due to some or other reason. The reason being that Google Photos backs up your gallery photos in its storage and that too in high quality. But wait! not anymore for Google has decided to end this unlimited storage access in new Google Photos update.

Google Photos Update

Earlier, we can have our photos automatically backed up on the platform but now that would not be possible due to the newfound limit. Which is the 15 GB that you get with your Google account. To remind you that you have to share this space with all the Google apps such as Drive, Gmail, and others as well.

It’s not a hard and fast decision and will be instated starting June 1, 2021, so you still have some fun time left with the photos platform.

You would still be able to upload your photos to the platform after the said date if it falls under your storage limit but the High-quality version uploads will only be available with the paid version of the service.

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But any high-quality image that you might have stored on the platform before the said date would be kept safe and would not be a part of the newfound capped storage limit. So, nothing will be deleted and your data is still going to be safe.

To verify your data you can do that by checking the options in the backup and sync in the setting panels.

So, what do you think about the new Google photos update? The reason we’re asking is that the Google Photos platform is used for their storage facility only and except for that, it gives you a medium to access your images, which is a pretty basic feature, right? Drop your view in the comments.

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