Instagram Product Tagging Feature For All Launched! Know How To Use It


To make your user experience better, Instagram has now launched a new product tagging feature. Until now, you could tag people or any Instagram account on any of your posts, right? 

But, now you can also tag products and brands on your posts. This is because Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. 


Not only is Instagram used to interact with other people, but also for business purposes. 

New Instagram Feature
New Instagram Feature

Instagram Product Tagging Feature

Instagram is now owned by Meta. And, it keeps updating and adding new features to provide the user ease and a better experience. So, with this new feature, you can tag products or brands on your posts. 

Now, if you didn’t already know, this feature was previously there. But, it was only limited to business accounts or creator accounts. 

But, now the normal public can also use this feature. Isn’t it great? 

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Why Is This Feature Updated?

Now, you might have seen this feature on your favorite creator’s or brand’s Instagram account. If you remember, your favorite Instagram creator may have tagged the product they might have used on that post. 

But, this particular feature was only limited to business or creator’s accounts. And, now Instagram had updated this feature for everyone. 

But you might be thinking why is this feature important now? Or, how will this feature help you, right? 

Well, nowadays businesses are flourishing through social media. It is the time of e-commerce, where most of the business is being done through social media. 

So, this feature will be helpful for the same. This is one of the efforts by Meta to promote e-commerce. 

Therefore, when Instagram made the announcement, it said, “From supporting brands you love to helping your friends and family discover new products they may like, sharing products on Instagram just got easier.”

How To Use The New Product Tagging Feature?

Now, using this feature is very easy. All you need to do is simply tap the photo where you need to tag a product. 

Next, type the name of the product and you are all set to post this on Instagram. 

Now, if a user taps on the name of the product, they will be taken to a product detail page. And from here, they can buy the product if they wish to. 


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