Top 15 Websites to Get Free Instagram Followers


Instagram is one of the best tools to get your brand up and going at a rapid rate. The reach that this social media platform offers is second to none and it can insanely impact the popularity of your content, product or anything else that you may wanna promote. However, gaining Instagram followers is quite an arduous task and sometimes you may be stuck with an exact number of followers for a pretty long time. In this case, you should use a reliable hack using the websites that can get you free Instagram followers. So without further adieu let’s dive right in.

15 Websites to Get Free Instagram Followers

1- Turbo Media

1- Turbo Media

This website can help you easily get free Instagram followers with ease. You just have to complete some easy social media tasks like watching a video or downloading a game for a short amount of time to instantly get more than 1000 followers on Instagram for free. If you need more than this you will have to subscribe to their premium plans.

2- Famoid

2- Famoid

Even though they only offer 100 free Instagram followers at once they are highly secure and reliable and do not need any information from you that may compromise your Instagram ID. Moreover, you can gain 100 free followers per week from this website on Instagram.

3- Kicksta

3- Kicksta

This is one website that does not use any bots or inorganic methods to get you, free followers, on Instagram. Everything you get with this website is fully authentic and original. Isn’t that a great thing? As Instagram can track your inorganic followers’ growth and negatively impact your reach but with Kicksta you don’t have to worry about that.

4- ProjectInsta

free instagram followers

The best website for Instagram influencers to widen their reach and scope, ProjectInsta is indeed a project that aims to help you gain as many as 80,000 free followers on Instagram. What can be better than this?

5- Stormlikes


Another popular website to earn free Instagram followers by doing a few social media tasks, Stormlikes is getting wide popularity for its great methods. Moreover, they offer premium plans as well through which you can get some exclusive benefits.

6- Mr Insta

mr insta

Perhaps the most trusted website in the world to get free Instagram followers, Mr Insta asks you to follow ten specific profiles to gain 25 genuine followers. Obviously, it’s not a big number but you can gain followers for your other social media accounts as well with this website.

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Primarily made for providing free Instagram post likes, this website is also an efficient tool to get free Instagram followers. They are very good at what they do and can boost your profile with several tried and tested methods.

8- Media Mister

media mister

A website that has already helped more than 50,000 people in boosting their Instagram profiles by providing free followers, Media Mister is surely one of the best sites to try. They are authentic and trusted by many.

9- GetAFollower

9- GetAFollower

It is almost clear from their name that they provide followers on social media platforms. What’s best about their service is that they can provide you with chat support if you face any difficulties in the entire process. They are highly efficient and helpful.

10- Followersup


Another popular website that offers a wide range of products to boost your Instagram reach, Followersup is huge and always in demand. You can gain free Instagram followers as well as gain an engaging audience for your profile by selecting their premium packages.

11- Ampya


This is a new website in this market but it is surely making an impact with its definitive approach. They are highly dedicated to providing the best level of support and each customer is attended to by dedicated personnel to provide the best level of service.

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12- Social Follow

social follow

Another popular hub to get free Instagram followers in 2022 is Social Follow which can provide you with up to 2,000 authentic Instagram followers for free. However, if you want more organic followers you will have to subscribe to one of their premium plans.

13- Insta Macro


Insta Macro is actually a premium platform but it does provide you with a free trial which can significantly help you in gaining free followers on Instagram in 2022. If you like what you get with them you can continue or otherwise you can just simply cancel.

14- Growthoid


Similar to Insta Macro this website also gives you a free trial which helps you gain free Instagram followers. However, you will have to pay if you need more from them.

15- iDigic


Last but not least on this list of sites to get free Instagram followers is iDigic, a popular platform that has been trusted by many. Their interface is easy and smooth which lets you complete your business in no amount of time. Not just Instagram followers they can even boost your likes and reactions to the post.


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