Meta Introduces New Platform in Facebook, Instagram for Women’s Safety in India


Meta launches a new platform in Facebook, Instagram for Women’s Safety in India . Meta announces in India that aims to eradicate the spread of non-consensual intimate images (NCII).

Along with this platform, Meta also launches the Women’s Safety Hub. It will help them to access information about tools and resources to enhance their social media experience while staying safe. This platform will be available in Hindi and 11 other Indian languages.

Meta Introduced Women's Safety

This initiative by Meta ensures women’s safety along with not facing any difficulty in language or communication while accessing any information. Karuna Nain, director (global safety policy) at Meta platforms says, “Safety has always been Meta’s first priority for its users. It also shows interest in building and offering a safe online experience.”

“Furthermore, we are increasing our efforts to bring in more safety for our users on our platforms. We are bringing it but in a number of steps to ensure online safety of women without any fault.”

Karuna Nain Explains New Women’s Safety Hub

Karuna explains that the platform doesn’t receive any photos and videos. Instead, what they are getting is the hash or unique digital fingerprint or unique identifier. It tells the company that this is a known piece of content that leads to a violation.

The team will keep a lookout for that part of the content and once it gets uploaded, their review team will check and will take necessary actions if it violates their policies. was started in partnership with UK Revenge Porn Helpline that allows victims to hash their intimate images to stop its sharing.

It has become an industry-wide initiative so that victims can seek help and support. With this, they don’t have to reach different platform support systems. In India, this platform has partnered with Social Media Matters, the Centre for Social Research, and Red Dot Foundation.

Meta Women's safety

It is an honor for Bishakha Datta (executive editor of Point of View) and Jyoti Vahedra from Centre for Social Research to be the first Indian member in Meta Global Women’s Safety Expert Advisors. The group also comprises 12 other non-profit leaders, activists, and academic experts to consult Meta in forming new policies, products, and programs.

Nain also says that they are confident with their improving safety measures. Now, women will have a better and safe social media experience that will help them in learning new things. “We will do everything from our side to ensure women’s safety when it comes to experiencing social media platforms,” adds Nain.


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