How to set your Whatsapp Chat option to “Always Mute’? Checkout

Popular chat app, WhatsApp, has now finally released its much-awaited feature, where one can finally mute their chats forever. WhatsApp’s “Always Mute” option is now available on both iOS and Android versions of the app.


WhatsApp had been testing this feature in the beta version and now it is widely rolling out to the stable version. On Friday, Whatsapp officially announced the stable release of the “Always Mute” feature on Twitter, which can be seen as an alternate feature along with the 8 hours and 1 week options for muting a chat.

The ‘Always Mute’ option essentially replaces the time limit for muting a particular chat or a group. With the release of “Always Mute” feature, users can now mute a chat forever instead of the maximum time limit of 1 year.

This is a blessing in disguise for all those who felt irritated because of constant useless messages coming from whatsapp groups.

How to set your Whatsapp Chat option to "Always Mute'? Checkout

How to enable WhatsApp ‘Always Mute’ Option

Enabling “Always Mute” option in whatsapp is pretty easy. For Android users, You need to go to WhatsApp and then open the chat you want to mute.

Click on the three buttons on the top right corner of the chat head and select Mute Notifications.

You can then choose the time duration that you want to mute a particular chat or group from the three options available: 8 hours, 1 week or Always.

For iOS users, go to the chat you want to mute, select the chat head and then tap on the Mute option. Select the time duration according to your need.

The Mute notifications have one more interesting feature to it. The Android version of the app also gives you an option to “Show Notifications” even after you mute it.

This means that chat will be muted and no pop-up notification will show on the screen. Whatsapp Message will still show on the drop-down menu of the main notification panel of Android phones. This facility is, however, not available for iPhone as no such message reflects after enabling the mute option on iOS.

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Meanwhile, WhatsApp on Thursday introduced new features that allow customers to sell products directly from the platform. The feature will allow purchases to be made directly from a WhatsApp chat with a business.


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