Yahoo Groups Closing Up On December 15th After a Run Of 19 Years


Back in 2001, when we not aware of the concept of social media or virtual connections, Yahoo! launched its very own community typing social platform called Yahoo Groups.

Now, coming back to today, Yahoo! has announced that they are going to shut down Yahoo Groups which has been running for the last 19 years on December 15th, 2020.

Yahoo Groups Closing Up On December 15th After a Run Of 19 Years

They have decided to close down this Yahoo Group service due to the constant decline in their usage. People are just shifting to newer and better platforms for social sharing and emails are just being used for lead generation or business opportunities as of now.

They have also clarified that the old data from Yahoo! groups would still exist and one would be able to access it the usual way. But no new emails would be allowed to send or receive and if done so, will return with an invalid message.

Yahoo! itself suggested that if a person wants to continue with their groups, they can shift to better and still running platforms such as  Facebook Groups, Google Groups, and

Now, Yahoo! has been owned by Verizon, a telecom operator company in 2017, and merged them with another one of their purchased companies AOL.

Yahoo! has been one of the companies that are still existing after seeing such a downfall over a long period of time. Their search engine which was popular a decade ago goes almost unused now as Google has taken over that domain all for itself by their sheer efforts and advanced technology.

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But, one thing is sure that Yahoo! is also one of those companies who thought of some very great innovations at a time when no one else even had the slightest thought of those in mind. For example, we can talk about Yahoo! Groups only. It was a popular social sharing platform that failed to escalate in the right direction and took over by social media, that exist nowadays.

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