Users Will Now Be Restricted To Forwarding Messages In WhatsApp Group Chat


WhatsApp group chat is where our mornings usually begin, isn’t it? And WhatsApp has become such an important part of everyone’s lives.

New WhatsApp Update
New WhatsApp Update

For instance every morning we receive or send good morning messages through our many WhatsApp group chats, right? And the messages we receive or send are then further forwarded to other group chats. 


New WhatsApp Group Chat Feature

Now, if you didn’t know, Meta owns WhatsApp. And, seeing as WhatsApp is used by such a large number of people, Meta frequently brings in new features and updates. These features and updates make our user experiences better.

And a new feature that was recently updated was regarding the WhatsApp group chats. According to this feature, you will not be able to forward messages in WhatsApp group chats. 

How Will This Feature Be Helpful?

Now, you might be wondering how will this feature help you? Furthermore, forwarding messages through WhatsApp group chats has resulted in the spread of many unnecessary messages. 

You must have definitely noticed this during the time of the pandemic. People were spamming their contacts and WhatsApp groups with messages that were not true or proven. 

So, this feature will help limit people from forwarding forwarded messages. And hence, limit spam in turn. Moreover, this feature will be available in both Android and ios systems. 

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After this feature will be updated, the spamming will be reduced to a great extent. Additionally, the spread of false information will also decrease. Hence, WhatsApp can be used for important and true messages mostly. 

Other New WhatsApp Features

Apart from the new update about the WhatsApp group chat, Meta has updated a few new features as well.

Firstly, you can now pause and resume your own voice recordings before sending it forward. This feature will help in better communication. Furthermore, you can listen to your own voice message before sending it.

Another feature that Meta updated is that you can now listen to voice messages outside of the chat too. This feature will allow you to multitask while listening to your voice messages.

Along with this, another update was that you can also increase the playback speed of audios as well.


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