Avail More Than 35 Services While Using the mAadhaar App: Find Out More


The mAadhaar app which was created by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), can now be used for availing multiple services. Available in nearly 13 languages, this app offers more than 35 services online using the mAadhaar. 

The UIDAI announced it through a tweet, “Get more than 35 services Aadhaar services like download eAadhaar, update status, locate Aadhaar Centres etc. on your smartphone.” 

This app is available for both Android and iOS. This app helps make the Aadhaar card more than just a simple identification card in our wallets but makes it the sole unique method for identification for any official purpose. 

Services that any resident can avail by using this mAadhaar card: 

  1. In case your Aadhaar card is damaged or lost, then you can use the app to either download an eAadhaar version or simply reprint your Aadhaar. 

2. Whenever a resident is required to show their identity, they can use the app to show their original Aadhaar card which will be saved on to their form. 

3. If a change in address is required, then residents can do so by simply doing it online in the app with or without the help of documents. 

4. One mAadhaar app can help manage upto 5 different Aadhaar cards. So it is beneficial for family members as they can keep everyone’s Aadhaar card stored safely. 

5. A QR code or paperless KYC can now be used when availing any service via a service providing agency. 

6. To secure your unique identification method, you can now use Biometrics or the Lock Aadhaar option

7. A virtual ID (VID) can be generated in case the original Aadhaar is lost or damaged. This can also be used by users who have locked their Aadhaar and do not wish to use the original Aadhaar. 

8. With this app, SMS services for Aadhaar can be used in offline mode too. 

9. When you have enrolled for an Aadhaar card or have requested a reprint or reissue for the same, then the status can be checked to track the status of the app.


10. Check the nearest available Aadhaar Seva Kendra near you and book an appointment as per your convenience with this app as well.

11. Instead of using the SMS based OTP, residents can use the Time-based OTP to avail any service on the UIDAI website. 

12. Without having to go to any Aadhaar Seva Kendra, a user can download the Aadhaar card on their mobile phones.


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