How to increase followers on your Instagram account?


Instagram has established itself as the most used advertising and branding platform in recent years. Whether you are a company, influencer or anyone talented enough to want to showcase their skills to a large group of people.

Instagram has been popular ever since due to its short and engaging visually attractive content policy, where the platform is only limited to the sharing of photos and short videos. The platform has been in much use by new and upcoming brands who use it to promote their products through influencer marketing, which is also in trends these days.


To become an Instagram Influencer and start earning decent money, one must have a minimum of 1 million followers on their social channels. The companies are interested in brand promotion offer around 1000$ -3000 $ for a single photo which includes their product coupled with a relevant caption posted on the influencer’s account.

The main challenge in becoming an influencer is gathering followers and whereas, many may claim that you can easily buy off followers on the internet but you shouldn’t as they are mostly scams and if Instagram start tightening the noose, then your account can also be banned due to bad activity.

There is only one legit way of increasing the numbers of followers and let’s get acquainted with the steps.

Engaging content

The most prominent and proven way is to create content that strikes a nerve with those reading it. It should be that your content must be appealing in a way that the user may open your profile and click that follow button without any second thought.


The proper use of hashtags can give you a lot of engagement on your posts and can connect you with your target audience. The hashtags help to popup your post while we use the search feature on Instagram and one who has never seen or knew that your account existed can easily connect with you that way.


Stories are given higher preference than regular posts and one needs to update their stories much more frequently than they do posting on Instagram. The stories also appear on random people’s wall when you have an account which is Public and not private, increasing your story view count and helping you reach new users.


Captions were used to just stylize the post back in the day when Instagram started its run but now its more of a necessity. A good and lengthy caption might help you to grab the attention of the user and if they start reading through it, then they are already connected.

A very famous example is TTT (Terribly Tiny Tales) who post photo’s with a little excerpt from the posts and include the whole post in captions and boy oh boy! they have followers who love reading through them all. They have been the first choice for content marketing by many famous brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk and Swiggy.

Call to actions

When you give the user a direction as to where they need to go, they have something to follow and otherwise all the user is capable of doing is simply a scroll. Attach Call to actions with clear instruction linking to your follow button, your other social media handles or anything, in particular, you want to direct your traffic to.


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