From Janhvi to Ranveer: How Bollywood Celebs Deal With Their Sugar Cravings


With festivals like Diwali and Dusshera approaching near, it will become much harder than ever to fight sugar cravings. Do you know that despite being the symbol of fitness and robustness, a few Bollywood celebs just love devouring sugar? However, these Bollywood celebs have found ways to fight their sugar cravings and flaunt fabulous bodies.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone Bollywood Celebs with sugar cravings


Let’s find out the Bollywood celebs who give us major lessons on how to fight off sugar cravings:

1- Janhvi Kapoor

One could not imagine, by looking at Janhvi Kapoor’s always toned and beautiful body, that she is a big sugar craver. However, it’s true. In her own words, Janhvi Kapoor has said, “giving in to this temptation is my life’s tragedy.”

But the Good Luck Jerry actress takes special care of her body and sweats out all the calories to be in the top physical condition. The actress can be spotted every day outside her pilates class to make up for the temptations that she gives in.


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2- Sara Ali Khan

Another new-gen Bollywood actress who flaunts beautiful curves despite being a big sugar craver is Sara Ali Khan. She is one of those who loves cakes and sweets and does not shy away from having them.

However, Sara works extremely hard in the gym to continue being as fit as a model. She often shares her videos on Instagram from her workout classes.


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3- Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has a special place for dark chocolate in her heart. The actress cannot go without having a square of dark chocolate before going to sleep. Deepika once said, “I know my body. I know that if I eat desserts for a whole week straight, I’m going to put on a kilo.”

She makes sure to make healthier choices as she thinks it’s worthless to fight- what you desire. Deepika also does pilates regularly to stay as slim as ever.


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4- Shilpa Shetty

The veteran Bollywood actress who can always be spotted judging a dance reality show is one of the fittest B-town divas despite having big sugar cravings. Shilpa is a yogini and recently gifted herself a vanity van on her birthday equipped with all the things she needs to practice yoga.

Her way is simple; she has substituted processed sugar with items like dairy-free vegan ice cream and coconut peanut bars. Shilpa sticks with traditional sweet dishes and also inspires her fans by trending challenges like three weeks of no sugar.

5- Disha Patani

One actress who you would not have imagined being a big sugar craver is Disha Patani, the Bollywood diva who has better abs than some of her male compatriots. Disha is a big sugar craver but a bigger fitness freak.

Disha once said, “I love sugar. I love chocolates. I have my cheat days. But when I am not cheating, I am always looking for some sort of snack that will fill me up and will also kind of destroy my sugar craving. I love apples. It is such a wholesome fruit.”

6- Ranveer Singh

The always energetic Ranveer Singh credits his dietician for coming up with a plan that has helped him to stay always fit and fine. He revealed last year, “We’ve cracked a healthy variant of chocolate spread (Nutella, which is the actor’s favourite) for Ranveer. It’s an avocado mousse, made of 90 percent dark chocolate chips and avocados.”


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