44 Best Back Hand Mehndi Design Ideas For The Main-Eventer In You

A Mehndi pattern is one of those things that can make you stand out at a wedding or an event. In Indian culture, beautiful, modern and stylish Mehndi design ideas are available, which you can see the women raving about. Nowadays back hand Mehndi designs have started to gain popularity as they can add that extra bit of glam that a woman may require to steal the spotlight at an event. Here we have covered everything from modern back hand Mehndi designs to stylish Mehndi back hand patterns to traditional and simple back hand Mehndi design that you can use to be the star at the event you are supposed to attend.

Here are the best back hand mehndi designs for you:

Minimal Back Hand Mehndi Design


Don’t wanna spend too much on your Mehndi pattern and still want to be the centre of attention? Use this easy and simple Mehndi design on your back hand to stand out in the crowd. It has a floral pattern in the middle, which you may change according to your preference cause there are no rules when it comes to being the most beautiful.

Triangular Mehndi Design

Traingular Mehndi Design

This one is a favourite among the ladies nowadays. The modern Triangular Mehndi pattern is catching up with everyone due to its ease of making. You will love this stylish Mehndi pattern on your hand.

Artistic Back Hand Mehndi Design

artistic back hand mehndi design

We all know florals and simple patterns are usually the common motifs that are designed in a Mehndi pattern. But you can spice it up a bit by letting the artist in your flow. However, the intricacies and details required in this modern Mehndi design will surely need a high level of concentration from you.

Initials Engraved Mehndi Design

Intials engraved mehndi design

Our favourite and perhaps the best back hand Mehndi design to show your love for your loved one. This one is for all the brides out there. Listen to us, those days when the initials of your groom were created on your front hand Mehndi design are long gone. Now, you need to adopt this back hand pattern inspired by the modern full-hand Mehndi design to stand apart from the crowd.

Jewellery Back Hand Mehndi Design


The back hand Mehndi design with jewellery patterns is the talk of the town nowadays for bringing a fresh perspective to the scene. These modern Mehndi patterns are influenced by the jewellery worn by Indian women. Just as the name suggests, a jewellery design is constructed on your back hand when following this Mehndi pattern.

Diamond Mehndi Design on Back Hand

Diamond Mehndi Design for Back Hand

This design is for those who like simple Mehndi patterns with no space for glitz and glam. Well, simplicity is the best policy, and we totally agree with it. Diamond Mehndi pattern on your back hand is a simple structure with curvy patterns around with fingers having alternate patterns. You may add a shiny polish to your nails to contrast with this simplistic design.

Exquisite Mehndi Design


Wanna match the Indian style Mehndi design with new motifs and symbols then this is perfect full hand design for you. The pattern in this Mehndi raises the focus on center of your back hand and the fingers due to the space surrounding them. It’s a lovely Mehndi design that will surely work at the weddings.

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

A traditional Indian Mehndi design that still works to this day is Mandala pattern that will make you shine brighter than anyone else. The design also looks good on front hand but it absolutely shines way better on the back hand.

Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

arabic back hand mehndi designs

Want a modern and stylish Mehndi design that will make people ask you about where you got it done? Look no further than Arabic back hand Mehndi designs as you will love the simplicity associated with it. The diagonal pattern running through your back hand will surely look amazing.

Floral Mehndi Design


Now, it’s our turn to look back at our roots of traditional Mehndi patterns. Floral design is perhaps the most popular Mehndi pattern that you will come across. From young girls to old women, this back hand Mehndi design is loved by everyone.

Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Bridal back hand mehndi design pattern

The Indian brides like to slay their Mehndi design to be the main eventer in their wedding functions. The bridal back hand Mehndi Design is a must for to-be brides who want no one else to steal their spotlight. Since it’s a bridal Mehndi design, it surely has intricacies that can’t be drawn by amateurs.

Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

peacock back hand mehndi design

India’s national bird, the peacock, is a symbol of beauty in the country. Therefore the full-hand Mehndi design this peacock pattern brings is just a pure beauty that people besides you won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Ring and Chain Mehndi Design


It’s a version of the Arabic back hand Mehndi design that you should try if you are a modern bride. The simplistic yet eye-catching nature of this pattern is just something we can’t get enough of. You must have guessed by the name that this ring attached with a chain design features a ring and a chain.

Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Design


Rajasthani Mehndi designs are a combination of tradition and modernity. The stylish patterns invented by the Rajasthanis combine floral and jewellery patterns. They are a thing of beauty that you must try at least once in your lifetime.

Personalised Back Hand Mehndi Design

back hand mehndi design

Giving your own touch to the back hand Mehndi designs is one of the finest techniques that you can employ. Just let your imagination do all the work and paint a picture with the Mehndi on your hand that you seem fit. Sometimes trusting our ownself is the best thing we can do to be the main-eventer in any function.

Pakistani Back Hand Mehndi Design

Pakistani back hand mehndi design

Just like India, Pakistan is a beautiful place for finding the best full hand and back hand Mehndi designs. Their vibrant culture and keen eye for beauty can help you achieve great glory with your Mehndi in any event.

Simple Back Hand Mehndi Design

simple back hand mehndi design

If you are looking for an easy and simple back hand Mehndi pattern then look no further than this design that anyone can easily draw. The best thing you won’t need any help from anyone else to draw this beautiful yet simple Mehndi pattern.

Festival Special Back Hand Mehndi Design

festival back hand mehndi design

Imagine you want to show off among the ladies at a festival gathering or at an event where you feel like your colleagues would come up with great Mehndi patterns for their full hand. Well, no worries now cause you can just have this flawless back hand Mehndi pattern to be the centre of the attention at any gathering.

Trending Back Hand Mehndi Design

trending back hand mehndi design

If you are someone who likes to be updated with trends and don’t like to waste your time on old traditional Mehndi patterns then you should definitely try this back hand Mehndi design that has become the talk of the town nowadays due to its trending and stylish pattern.

Back Hand Mehndi Design for Kids

Back Hand Mehndi Design for Kids

Nowadays, kids too need to be stylised with Mehndi patterns to glow at events. However, the younger generation looks good in minimal designs with not too many intricacies in the pattern. You should try this simple Mehndi design for your kids.

Filler Back Hand Mehndi Pattern

Filler Back Hand Mehndi Pattern

Now, if you want your back hand to not have a single spot where Mehndi design is not shining then you should definitely try this style. It is very popular among brides these days.

Intricate Back Hand Mehndi Design

Intricate Back Hand Mehndi Design

Another back hand Mehndi design that will not leave many empty spaces on your back hand. This design covers almost all of the full hand and makes for that look that shows you have put a lot of effort into being a diva.

Elaborate Back Hand Mehndi Design

back hand mehndi

This one is for those ladies who want to show off their full hand Mehndi design. We can guarantee that this Mehndi pattern will attract the attention of many. It will surely make you the talk of the town. No matter whose function it is, the one stealing the thunder will be you.

Geometrical Back Hand Mehndi Design

geometrical mehndi design

Mathematics and science lovers gather here. Here is a Mehndi design that may use your expertise in calculating the correct symmetry on your back hand. What’s exciting is that it comes out looking absolutely fantastic if done properly.

Leaf Motif Back Hand Mehndi Design

leaf motif back hand mehndi design

Who doesn’t love nature? We surely do and we can bet most of the people around us also do as well. This leaf motif back hand Mehndi Design is ideal for a woman who has a natural flair for beauty. We would definitely admire someone sporting this look at the events.

Easiest Back Hand Mehndi Design

simple mehndi

If you are looking for an easy but unique back hand Mehndi design then you have arrived at the perfect spot. Cause this simple Mehndi design can let you have that glory at events without spending too much time and effort while making the pattern on your back hand.

Latest Back Hand Mehndi Design

latest back hand mehndi design

If you are someone who likes to be updated with the latest trends and don’t like to waste your time on old traditional Mehndi patterns then you should definitely try this back hand Mehndi design that has become the talk of the town nowadays due to its trending and stylish pattern.

One Side Back Hand Mehndi Design

back hand mehndi design

Leaving one side empty and attempting a stylish Mehndi design on the other side of the back hand is one of the latest trends that’s quickly becoming famous for its unique style. This is a Mehndi design that will make you stand out among your peers.

Minimal Back Hand Leafy Mehndi Design

minimal back hand mehndi design

Talk about a simple Mehndi design that looks as elegant as any other pattern on a woman’s back hand. You won’t need too many skills for getting it done but it will appear to everyone out there that you have used quite a lot of skills to draw this Mehndi design on your back hand.

Bridal Full Hand Mehndi Design for Your Back Hand

bridal mehndi design

This one is a sure-shot fire at success. Popular among brides these days as a full hand Mehndi design but you can choose to avoid the front side of the hand and just go for the back hand pattern that looks awesome. There is that added punch and glamour to this pattern that we absolutely love.

Stunning Back Hand Mehndi Design

stunning back hand mehndi design

When we are choosing to call this back hand Mehndi design stunning that is because it simply is strikingly beautiful and unparalleled in its charm. Just look at this pattern, any sane person would love this. Be a stunner with this stunning Mehndi design at any wedding or occasion.

Back Hand Beads Mehndi Designs

beaded mehndi design

These back hand Mehndi patterns with chained beads are magnificent in appearance. You can style it according to your preference and we are glad to inform you that you will turn out to be an eye-grabber at any event. So, channel that main eventer in you with this beaded Mehndi design now.

Stylish Finger Focus Back Hand Mehndi Design

finger back hand mehndi design

Sometimes highlighting a feature on your back hand Mehndi design can be that extra bit of punch that you needed to steal the show. With this pattern, you can highlight any finger but we prefer to go with the middle one. You know the reason why.

Stylish Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

stylish mandala back hand mehndi

We have already listed a Mandala back hand Mehndi design but if that did not match your taste you can choose to go with this one. You will be the expertise of someone trusted to draw this Mehndi design as it is not that quite simple due to the intricacies involved in it.

Traditional Back Hand Mehndi Design


There is a saying that no matter how much you wander at last you come back to your roots. This elegant traditional back hand Mehndi design proves it with finesse. It looks beautiful and breathtaking. We are completely in awe of this. This is making us question why we wander towards other Mehndi designs if we already have this gem.

Dark Mehndi Back Hand Design

dark back hand mehndi design

Dark Mehndi back hand design has its own level of persona that we truly admire. The astonishing dark colours will only come if you let the Mehndi do its work for quite a long time before washing it to get a perfect pattern. It’s a must-try for every woman aiming to be a main eventer.

Trendy Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

peacock bach hand mehndi

Peacock back hand Mehndi designs can never go out of fashion and this latest sensation in the world of Mehndi is a fine specimen of craftsmanship. Let us tell you that you are going to need an expert in Mehndi drawing to design that pattern on your back hand. The level of skills involved here is just phenomenal.

Easy Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Design

arabic back hand mehndi design

Arabic fusion full hand Mehndi designs are nowadays quite popular but let us introduce you to this simple easy Arabic back hand Mehndi pattern. It is just so simple yet so elegant and beautiful that we have to admire it. For this pattern, you won’t need help from many people.

Bridal Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

floral back hand mehndi design

Bridal Mehndi designs are always fascinating due to their diligent pattern that’s fully intricate and involves a high level of expertise. This bridal floral back hand Mehndi design has nets that make it appear more eccentric and elaborate.

Floral Cum Geometrical Back Hand Mehndi Design

floral cum geometrical mehndi design

This is a kind of making fusion of art and scientific knowledge. The floral cum geometrical back hand Mehndi design pattern is ideal for ladies who want to look different and have a presence of their own among their friends, relatives and colleagues. This is a beautiful back hand Mehndi design that deserves to be tried at least once.

Circled Swan Back Hand Mehndi Design

swan back hand mehndi design

Birds especially swans and peacocks have always been compared with beauty and aesthetics in the literature. This circled swan back hand Mehndi design is ideal for those women who love nature and its offspring. You may choose to draw any creature or even any pattern in the circle if you want to mix it up a bit.

Funky and Trendy Back Hand Mehndi Designs

funky back hand mehndi design

Gather up the modern ladies cause this funky and trendy back hand Mehndi design is made for you. Now, show your swagger in style with this artistic and rocking Mehndi design. It’s easily one of the most unique Mehndi designs and we can assure you that no one at the events will come up with this sort of creativity.

Ring-Shaped Finger Back Hand Mehndi Design

finger back hand mehndi design

This is another sort of circled Mehndi design but in this case, the pattern is drawn in a ring-shaped manner only on the fingers. It’s a minimalist Mehndi design that’s ideal for those who want to leave an impact without indulging in too much work and effort with the back hand Mehndi patterns.

Heart Shaped Back Hand Mehndi Design

heart shaped back hand mehndi design

Last but not least on this list of best back hand Mehndi designs is this cute heart-shaped pattern that we just simply can’t get enough of. The pattern here is simple and easy but requires detailed work to get the desired results.

Now, is your time to be a main eventer by adopting any of these back hand Mehndi designs Do let us know if you liked our Mehndi design ideas by interacting with us on social media platforms.

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