HealthifyMe Bags $75M Series C from LeapFrog and Khosla Ventures


HealthifyMe is an AI-driven health and fitness app startup. It is used by more than thousands of people and is still considered one of India’s best fitness apps.

HealthifyMe is Khosla Ventures’ most significant investment in India to date. And thus, this project has raised $75 million in a Series C round led by LeapFrog and Khosla Ventures.

HealthQuad, Unilever Ventures, and Elm (Saudi Arabia PIF entity) also participated in the round and existing investors Chiratae Ventures, Inventus Capital, and Sistema Asia Capital. It had raised $18 million in the Series B round in 2018.


What is the goal of HealthifyMe?

HealthifyMe has become very popular over the pandemic. Through the pandemic, the global market for digital health, weight loss, and condition management proliferated.

It is a motivational fitness app for people trying to lose weight, develop a fit body, eat healthily, etc.

HealthifyMe doubled its user base and revenue in the last year. It crossed 25 million downloads recently and said it is on track to hit $50 million ARR within six months. HealthifyMe has now raised more than $100 million in total.

Vashisht said HealthifyMe is India’s top health and fitness app, but its long-term goal is to become the global leader.

In North America, it is popular among Indian ex-pat and Indian American communities, and now it will target other customer segments, too.

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What are some of its features and products?

HealthifyMe’s products include HealthifySmart, which uses AI-based tech to customize diet plans for users, and HealtifyCoach, which provides for live conversations with coaches.

During the pandemic, it has two new products:

HealthifyPlus, for people managing chronic conditions like diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, high cholesterol, or hypertension, and HealthifyStudio, with live workout classes.

We hope you might have found this article informative, and it helped you learn more about this startup which might also help you remain fit during the pandemic.

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