Fitness Gadgets 2020: More Portable And Advanced


If you are a fitness freak and tired of recording your progress manually, then do not worry because we have made a list of a bunch of fitness gadgets that will keep you on track and do all the necessary work of maintaining your training progress. We have picked up the 5 best portable fitness gadgets for you which will assist you in keeping yourself healthy.


  1. Tangram SmartRope Rookie

SmartRope is easier, lighter, and more fun when it comes to burning some calories. Specially designed by Tangram to record your duration, calories, exercise data, jump counts, and goal achievements as it easily syncs to your smartphone. It comes along with non-contact permanent magnetic sensors to ensure accurate jump counts. The rope is light and easily adjustable that it will fit almost everyone. Its soft and firm texture makes sure that it gets adjusted comfortably in your palms. Now you don’t have to worry anymore to count the number of skips or your sweaty palms.

  1. Pulseroll Plus

It helps in improving muscle health and recovery time after an intense workout, also increases the blood flow and oxygen supplement of the entire body. It can be used before a workout to enhance performance or can be used after a workout to speed up the recovery rate. Long-term use will result in a great performance and improving long-term muscle health. Its low power settings give relaxing massage and high settings deliver intense and deep tissue treatment for trigger joints. So, you better hurry and add this item to your cart in order to keep your body relaxed all the time.

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  1. JAGJOX Kettlebell Connect 2.0

Jagjox has introduced a new way of doing strength and cardio exercises which changed the way of building up core strength. It is a six-in-one adjustable kettlebell which is raging from 12-42 lbs. The weight can be adjusted from 12-42 lbs in mere seconds and it can easily connect with an app that uses a machine learning algorithm to calculate your fitness score which includes heart rate, steps, body weight, workout consistency, etc. It saves a lot of storage space and makes your workout easier.

  1. Freetrain V1 Vest

You don’t need Velcro straps anymore to keep your back straight because Freetrain V1 Vest is a professional equipment that supports your back and evenly distributes the weight, allowing you for optimum balance throughout your training. It is equipped with a cell phone pouch which allows you to change music tracks, check progress, and attend calls during your workout. It also comes with a clever divider inside the cell phone pouch where you can store your cards and cash. It has breathable holes allowing excess heat to escape to reduce the chance of overheating.

  1. Fitbit Charge 4

This advanced fitness tracker allows you to control your day and your favorite music tracks. It is the most advanced tracker by Fitbit which has payment capabilities, Spotify, and GPS. It keeps monitoring and tracking your all-day activities like floor climbed, calories burned, distance, and much more. It is water-resistant up to 50m depth of water and can be easily worn in the shower, pool, etc. It also comes with a sleep mode which keeps recording your sleeping pattern and let you know in the app how well you have slept each night.

Fitness gadgets are the new fashion accessory one cannot miss out on, so go on and track your progress in fashion.

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