Healthiest Junk Foods That You Can Try During Dieting


Dieting has become an important part of everyone’s lifestyle. And with the entry of diets, junk foods has exited our lives. 

Healthiest Junk Food
Healthiest Junk Food

Whenever you hear of dieting I’m sure you will think that you will have to forgo all your favorite food items. And because you are dieting you will have a very limited list of food items to choose from.


Dieting Means No Tasty Food?

You must think that a person mostly diets to lose calories and weight, right? But, this is not the case. Sometimes people also follow a diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Similarly, if you are suffering from certain diseases, however big or small they may be, a diet chart will be recommended to you. 

Now, when you are dieting there are precautions and measures that you need to take care of. Most importantly, you have to avoid junk food at all costs.

If you think that when you are on a diet you cannot have tasty food, or junk food, think again. 

Healthiest Junk Foods You Can Eat When On A Diet

There are a few healthy junk foods that you can eat when on a diet. Here is a list of those food items that you can eat without thinking twice. 

Tortilla Chips And Salsa 

Tortilla chips with salsa are one of your best choices if you are craving some junk food, but don’t want to cheat your diet. 

Moreover, this is a very simple recipe that you can make whenever you crave this food. Now, all you have to do is cut some tortillas into smaller pieces. Now you can either fry or bake them using, depending on your preferences. 

Before serving these tortilla chips, make sure to sprinkle some salt and pepper, and garnish it using coriander leaves. 

Simultaneously, chop some tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables of your choice. Squeeze some lemon in it, add pepper and salt as well. 

Yogurt Popsicles

Sounds yummy, right? But, you might be wondering if you can eat them when you’re dieting? 

So, the answer to this is yes. Also, the recipe for this is very simple and easy as well. All you have to do is take a good amount of yogurt in a bowl, add honey, finely chopped berries and fruits in it as well. 

When your batter is prepared, all you have to do is pour the batter into an icecream tray. Now, all you have to do is wait for the popsicles to be ready.


Sweets are something that every person on a diet misses the most. So, why not try making a healthy sweet? 

For this, take some oats, butter, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and add a few drops of vanilla extract, and mix them. 

This is your batter for the cookies. Bake them in an oven or a tawa, and you are all set. 

Sweet Oats

For a person on a diet, oats must be included in your diet. So, here is a sweet oats recipe that will give you healthy but junk food. 

Firstly, cook the oats in milk with brown sugar. Now, let the oats cool down for some time. After the oats are cool, add your favorite fruits or even dry fruits. And you can have this healthy junk food with some yoghurt. 

Ramen Noodles

You might be thinking why ramen noodles are added to this list? This is because we are not talking about instant ramen noodles, here. 

Ramen noodles that are prepared traditionally are much healthier than we can think of. This is because these are traditionally made of wheat flour, sesame oil, sesame seeds and other healthy ingredients. 

Moreover, a good amount of vegetables are also added in ramen noodles, which is very necessary when on a diet. 

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Candy Apples

You might be thinking if candy apples are healthy or not, right? So, don’t worry, if you make these at home, you can be sure that candy apples are also healthy. 

For this, firstly wash your apples thoroughly and dry them. This is a very important step. And while the apples are drying, prepare a caramel mixture in a bowl. You can also keep some finely chopped dry fruits ready in the meantime.

Now, start boiling this mixture on a low flame. And simultaneously insert sticks in the dried apples. Dip the apples in the pan where the caramel mixture is boiling. When you take out the apples roll them on the finely chopped dry fruits. 

Let the candy apples cool down a bit, before enjoying them.

Apart from these, you can also make many healthy smoothies, fruit popsicles, fruit juice and many more. So, it is not necessary that if you are on a diet you will not have tasty food. 

You will just need to look into your kitchen, and you will be able to make healthy junk food for yourself. 


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