Here’s a Solution For Your Smelly Feet Problem and Why Does It Happen

Here’s a Solution For Your Smelly Feet Problem and Why Does It Happen
Here’s a Solution For Your Smelly Feet Problem and Why Does It Happen

Everyone must have experienced the problem of smelly feet at some point or the other. Now, the smelly feet problems may occur because of various reasons. Despite the reasons, we all don’t want our feet smelly, right? 

Avoid Smelly Feet
Avoid Smelly Feet

Smelly Feet Problem

A smelly foot is a problem we all overlook most of the time. But did you know, there is a term for this as well? 

This medical condition is called bromodosis. Bromodosis happens when sweat buildup on your feet. And due to sweat, bacteria grow on our skin. Additionally, because of these bacteria, bad odors are also caused. 

Now, you can avoid or treat bromodosis, by following just a few simple tips. 

What Causes Smelly Feet?

One of the main reasons for smelly feet is sweat. Our feet have more sweat glands than in any other part of our body. And our skin releases sweat to keep our feet moist and cool. 

Now, think of days when you have to wear shoes for long hours straight. You have sweatier feet, don’t you? 

Additionally, when the sweat mixes with the bacteria in our feet, a bad odor is formed. Generally, extra bacteria is formed when a person takes off their shoes and puts them back on. 

This happens especially when you do not let your feet dry before putting the shoe back on. Moreover, hygiene also plays an important role in the case of smelly feet. 

For instance, if you do not wash your feet frequently, or do not change your socks, the smelly feet problem may increase. 

Few Ways You Can Reduce Smelly Feet Problem

Although smelly feet may happen to you anytime, depending on certain factors, there are a few measures you can take to avoid smelly feet.

Wearing Socks

One of the most common measures you can take is by wearing socks. By wearing socks the sweat formed on your feet will be absorbed. 

This way, the sweat will not be able to mix with the bacteria, and odor will not be formed. 

Breathable Shoes

Another way to avoid smelly feet is by wearing breathable shoes. By wearing such kinds of shoes, sweat will not be formed. 

For instance, you can wear open-toed sandals, especially during summer. Also, you can go bare feet inside your houses. 

So, you can wear shoes having mesh panels. Mostly, to avoid smelly feet you should avoid wearing shoes made from plastic. 

Cleaning Your Feet

As important as wearing clean socks or shoes is, cleaning your feet is also important. So, remember to thoroughly clean your feet with soap and water at least once or twice a day. 

Moreover, you can also clean your feet with alcohol once every fortnight. All you have to do is take a few drops of alcohol in a cotton ball. Now, clean your fee using the cotton ball. 

This will help you reduce sweating as alcohol is a good drying agent. But make sure to not apply alcohol in any cracks or cuts. 

Replacing Insoles

When you sweat, your shoes and insoles also absorb your sweat. Now, when your insoles are sweaty, this will also cause your feet to smell. 

So, try replacing your insoles frequently. Additionally, you can buy an antibacterial or disinfecting spray for your insoles. 

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Along with your insoles, your shoes also absorb your sweat to a certain extent. So, you can also try alternating between two pairs of shoes. This way, your shoes will get an ample amount of time to dry up before the next use. 

Even though you might face the problem of smelly feet frequently, you have nothing to worry about. By keeping in mind a few things, and adopting a few changes, bromodosis can be treated. 

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