Google Chrome Notifies About a Critical Bug, Rolled Out a Fix Too


Your google chrome needs to be updated, or else you may suffer from security risks. Google warned its users to update their web browsers to the latest update available.

This security blunder has been characterized as a dangerous loophole as it was under continuous exploitation by hackers.


Google brought a new blog in which they talked about the security threat and informed about the new chrome update for mitigating it.

Google Chrome

The blog further wrote that the CVE-2021-37973, the security lapse affects windows users, Linux, and macOS. Thus to lessen this vulnerability, Google is bringing Chrome 94.0.4606.61 for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The threat has been marked as a zero-day vulnerability. This means that google chrome is under active attack by hackers. It is said that these kinds of security threats are more dangerous than the regular security loopholes.
The blog had these pieces of information.

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More updates will be available once Google gets to know that a sufficient amount of users have shifted to this new update. Google is waiting for enough users to update their chrome to be assured that no further threat will be posed to the security.

In the blog, Google talked about Use-After-Free vulnerability. They stated that these kinds of security loopholes occur due to incorrect use of dynamic memory.

Now the procedure that you need to follow to update your browser is explained here. For updating, users can go to the settings>Help>About Google chrome, here you can check your present Chrome version.

Now, if your performance is 94.0.4606.61 or higher, your security will be in place. If, less than that, it will pose a threat to security.

Google has advised its users to check their browser for any updates continuously. Once the update is available, install it and restart chrome for the security fix.



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