Google and Honda Shake Hands Over Creating Better Products For User


Honda and Google collaboration is here to bring a new experience for their target audience.

By the mid of 2022, they are thinking of an all-new model which will be integrated with some special features. The latest release will come with Google’s in-vehicle connected service.

Honda and Google collaboration has their starting written from the year 2015. The main motive of this collaboration was to introduce the Android platform for automobiles.

So to take their reason further in 2016, Honda adopted Android Auto Sharing with the Accord. This Android Auto helps the user to optimize the smartphones, and it helps the drivers.

Google and Honda Collaboration

This particular characteristic is of great help for Honda to give service that their customers can use comfortably and safely.

The collaboration of Honda and Google will advance the UX for its customers.

The collaboration of Honda and Google will provide users with technology that best suits their needs.

The best features will be as follows:

  • Voice Assistant: When voice assistant is incorporated in the car itself, the driver can complete their work efficiently by directing through voice. These features help in driver focus on the street while driving along with the completion of work. The Voice Assistant feature is of great help for this generation, where everyone has to deal with multiple jobs at one point in time.
  • Navigation: Inbuilt navigation and map are like the perfect topping one need in their car. While traveling to new places, people need to check their phones for directions constantly. This feature makes it comfortable for the driver to navigate easily in new areas.

Not only these but there are also various advantages of this technology. You can ask google for the estimated time in reaching home for any nearby gas station or EV charging station. Or you can even check the business hours of the shops.

Thus one can have a technology-supported comfortable ride in the coming future. This collaboration will make driving easy and comfortable for their users.

With the advancement due to the Google collaboration, the new model will be released by Honda in North America first. Then it is planned to expand it globally.


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