You Can Use UPI Without Internet, Get To Know How?


If you’re someone who doesn’t like to luggage around your wallet and instead prefers the online mode of payment such as UPI, there’s good news for you.

Before going over to the news, let us ask, although we know that the Indian Digital payment scene is quite strong, what is that one thing where you find the sector faltering?

No doubt that your answer would be the dependability of the internet to go through with the transaction.

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Yes! That’s the only backdrop of UPI or any other payment option we can exercise online in India. So, what to do when we don’t have access to the internet?

Well! The government thought of that way before you and me, and that’s why they have a system enabled for that which runs on the USSD codes from your Internet Service Provider.

To tell you more about that, it’s the *99# service that you might have been using to check your balance and more before Jio hit the market with unlimited internet and changed the whole scene.

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But how to make a payment using that method, Well! That’s the exact question we would have, too, and here’s the answer to that.

  • Create a UPI account and link your preferred banks with the same.
  • In the dialer of your phone, press *99#. After a short time, you’ll show that about seven options would appear on the screen, including Send Money, Receive Money, Check Balance, My Profile, Pending Requests, Transactions, and UPI PIN.
  • If you’re sending money to someone, choose option one by pressing the same over the dialer. Select your transfer mode in the next set of options, such as bank transfer, UPI, and more. But choose UPI here, since we’ll be talking in terms of that only. Other options are left for you to explore.
  • Enter the recepiencent’s UPI ID and amount in the next segment and hit submit.
  • Enter the pre-existing UPI Pin that you’ve generated while creating the UPI Account, and there you go. The payments would soon be made and that too without using the internet.

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