Top 10 Famous Cafes In Mumbai For Breakfast

Top 10 Famous Cafes in Mumbai for Breakfast

Whether you like South Indian or English breakfast, these Mumbai Cafes provide the most fantastic breakfast, with delicious alternatives in a variety of cuisines. The following is a list of the best ten breakfast places in Mumbai, where you will discover a variety of selections and flavorful cuisine. 


Mumbai Cafes
Mumbai Cafes


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Madras Cafe 

This cafe is one of the most incredible breakfast places in Mumbai that serves delectable delicacies. Only go if you’re an early riser (between 7 and 8 a.m.), as you’ll be kept waiting at least 30 minutes every day of the week. The reason is that the flavor of the food here is unrivaled among locals. This legendary eatery serves wonderful South Indian favorites like Upma, Idli, and Set Dosa at extremely moderate costs. Top your meal with a cup of sweet filter coffee.


Mani’s is located less than a kilometers from Madras Cafe, in the primarily Tamil Brahmin neighborhood of Matunga/King’s Circle. They offer the most genuine rendition of the simple idli sambhar you’re likely to find in India’s wealthiest metropolis, and they’re staunchly no-frills. If you have a sweet craving, try their sheera (on Sundays, they offer one with pineapple bits that is considerably nicer).


If you stay in Mumbai long enough, you’ll notice signs throughout town that say ‘Gurukripa samosas.’ The shop is 20 kilometers away from the restaurant in Sion, although it is well-known. You’re likely to be kept waiting here like you were at Madras Cafe. But the wait is worth the samosas, the chole bhature, and lassi they serve.


Kayani and Co.

The Irani Cafe culture is quite popular in Mumbai. Kyani & Co., one of the oldest Irani Cafes and one of the most incredible breakfast places in Mumbai, offers a variety of flavorful food at cheap pricing. People from all walks of life come here to savor the delectable delights served by this establishment, which has been in operation for over 100 years. Omelette, custards, puffs, buns, and kheema pav are some of their well-known delicacies.

Military Cafe

Begin by sipping some excellent Parsi tea and sampling some delectable breakfast options such as an egg sandwich, an omelet, and a club sandwich. They also offer some fantastic selections for people who enjoy chicken. Aside from the typical Bun Maska and Tea, they also provide various delectable sweets like caramel custard. Parsi cuisine lovers will have a great time at this restaurant.  


If you’re craving some kheema and bhurji at the crack of dawn, this is the place to go. They provide great non-vegetarian breakfast foods (including a heavenly Paya soup) with hot and crispy tandoori rotis starting at 6 a.m. If you’re on vacation and live in the suburbs, stop here for breakfast before riding the train to South Mumbai.


Leopold (or Leo’s) is one of Mumbai’s most famous hangouts. It is pricey in comparison to the other venues on our list. The cuisine isn’t unique, but you should come for the laid-back atmosphere (you could even order a beer at 7,30 am). Get the omelets with cheese or chicken, some cornflakes, and some fruit juice if you want to be healthy.

Pizza By The Bay 

As the name says, this well-known pizza shop is located just across from the famed Marine Drive. They do, however, have more to offer than simply pizza. Their breakfast menu is full of selections that are good and reasonably priced. Omelette, French Toast, and Pancakes are just a few of the delectable choices available while taking in the breathtaking views of Marine Drive. They undoubtedly are one of the most incredible breakfast places in Mumbai.


Saltwater Cafe 

Saltwater Cafe, a fine-dining alternative in South Mumbai and Bandra, is expectedly costly. This place is pricey, but after eating your first order, you might feel ok spending twice as much. The French toast is to die for, the eggs are fluffy, and the meats are top-notch. If you prefer freshly baked items, you should also get their breadbasket.

The Nutcracker 

This restaurant serves delectable European and American fare as a traditional Mumbai café, which serves delicious breakfast items such as pancakes, cakes, and rolls. This café is unique in that it serves different cuisine throughout the day. As a result, the breakfast alternatives provided in the morning will not be accessible in the evening.



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