Importance of Stretching for Your Fitness Goals


While many of us are on our own fitness journeys doing all kinds of cardio, weight- lifting we often forget the importance of stretching. Everyone wants those six-pack abs and a chiseled jawline but how many of us are willing to put in the grind? Almost no one, which is why more than 20% of the Indian population has been recognized as being obese or other fitness-related issues.

Also, while it’s so hard to maintain a good shape, it seems a lot easier to get out of one. And for that all we need is a tasty slice of pizza, you may know how it works and might have been a victim of the same at some point in your life, haven’t you?

Oh, snap! This is not an article about building muscles or some other one, motivating about the importance of exercise but seems like that, right?

So, let’s change to our main topic now, and we are going deeper into one particular topic and which is stretching. Want to know why?

The reason is that not doing a good-post workout regimen and not cooling off in a  proper way is one of the biggest reasons for fitness-related injuries.

And, nobody is talking about the importance of stretching, so we thought that we should. Let’s check out why you should have a proper cool-down routine and what stretching should be a big part of that.

Relief From Muscle Soreness 

During and after a strenuous workout, the muscles in your body go under numerous contractions. This state of squeezing leaves them in an undefined shape.

Additionally, sore muscles make your body stiff and tighter for a longer period. Stretching rectifies this problem and soothes down your stiffness and soreness. Which in turn makes you feel relaxed instead of being in pain the very next day.

Decrement of Lactic Acid  

During a workout, the pain and soreness are due to the production of lactic acid. This production creates soreness and results in us being tired and other related problems.

Now, to remove post-workout tiredness, stretching could be of great help and it removes the lactic acid secretion which is one of the major reasons behind individuals getting cramps.

Release Endorphins

As your body temperature spike at a sudden pace during the workout and rapidly lowers after the workout, the body releases endorphins.

Which is a chemical responsible for the analgesic effect, that helps reduce the feeling of pain. And Stretching helps you achieve the perfect slow down rate for this effect to slide in place.

Blood Flow

Stretching regulates the blood flow rate of your body. The pumping of blood is maintained at a steadier pace, allowing your heart rate to become normal. Additionally, the lack of oxygen produced during the workout is fed up by ample oxygen and nutrient content.

Back Pain

The most common affected areas after any workout are stated to be the lower back. Nine times out of ten doing stretching hamstring, hip flexors and pelvis-attached muscles will surely help your lower back pain.

Better Posture

Individuals aiming for better standing posture and stand up straighter should particularly focus on stretching their back, chest, and shoulders.

Cure To Tension and Anxiety

Normal-tension and anxiety presence in oneself is all which can lead to muscle tension and stiffness. Because of this, a healthy workout feels to be a more strained one. Through normal stretching, an overall feeling of stress relief could be attained.


The flexibility of a body is measured on behalf of the amount of stretching it can bear. The more you stretch your body, the more looseness it occupies within your muscles. This enables you to exercise more efficiently.

Toned Muscles

A toned body is what every person craves in their life. It is very much doable if you tackle with the right approach.

With time, stretching helps your muscles toned and your body looks more slender. Also, you can look for those who practice Yoga regularly. Many yoga postures do deliver strong help to the toning of your body.

Lower Down Risk of Injury

You can reduce the risk of injury with an improved set of motion for your body. Stretching lower down resistance on your muscles and you feel more excited after every workout session.


You can check out a yoga guide or follow simple web tutorials on the web to start out with stretching. Interspersing stretch moves in your workouts will help you to understand the importance of the same and give to desired results.

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Check out our Health section for more such tips and tricks and don’t forget to comment on any other tips that you think the world should know about.

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