Early Symptoms Of Diabetes Via These 8 Bodily Signs


Diabetes is one condition where the life of the patients gets too restricted, analyzing early symptoms of diabetes helps to cure fatal conditions. It can only be controlled and not fully cured by medication but what if, you can prevent it from happening by detecting early signs for the same.

Now, this is not a sure shot guarantee that figuring out that you might be diabetic helps you to fully cure it. But detecting early symptoms of diabetes definitely helps you to plan your treatment.

Symptoms Of Diabetes


You Might Get More Thirsty

In Diabetes patients, one has more blood glucose level than normal inside their bodies, which then gets flushed out of the body. This creates a gap and a need for more water content, which results in patients wanting to have more and more water.

Need to Go to The Loo More Frequently

The blood sugar control becomes numb in the case of diabetes and while the body tries to manage this on its own level. What it ended up doing is flushing out the excess blood sugar by the urine, which is the reason for the frequent need for urination.


Gets Tired Fast

The body is working 2 times than normal and excess products such as blood glucose cannot be used for energy. This turns the body into an energy deficit, making you feel tired. Also, frequent urination disrupts your sleep, so you cannot have a proper sleep as well.

Evolved Hunger

Your body starts producing more blood glucose and while this happens the already high blood glucose cannot be used by the body for energy. This creates a gap and you’re more hungry than normally you would.


Healing of Wounds Takes More Time

Due to high blood sugar, the blood vessels get stiffen. Now, in that case, the nutrients, oxygen, and other things that would have received at the wound take much more time hampering the process of healing. It also impairs the immune system.


Blurry Visions

The blood glucose in the body pulls fluids from tissues including the eyes and results in causing blurred visions. Also,  diabetes can form new blood vessels in the eyes over the old ones by damaging them, so that chimes in also.


Your body is already in a deficit and all the glucose is being flushed out, not being used as energy. Now, along with frequent urination, one also loses calories, so they are in a caloric deficit as well. This expenditure of energy and calories is what creates a loss in weight.


Pain or Numbness in Hands or Feet

Diabetes causes nerve damage called neuropathy which makes you not feel your feet or hands sometimes, or at other times can give rise to heavy pains.

So, these were some symptoms which if occurs then you should get yourself checked immediately. After all, presentation is always better than cure, right?

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