Charging Phone Battery in Bed Could be Dangerous, Know Why

Charging Your Phone

We can’t debate on how important phones are in our life but we definitely can argue on the impact of it on our lives, and when it comes to charging phone battery in bed it is definitely debatable and avoidable!

Before making our bed, checking notifications is the first thing we do in the morning as we are habitual to this activity.Before tucking in to the bed even at night before going to sleep checking our phone once is the only thing, we do so that we won’t miss out on something.

Charging Phone


Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are the most famous social media platforms to which we are addicted to a greater extent. For our social media life, we are willing to sacrifice our sleep no matter what it takes to do so. But we would like to warn you and ask you to think twice before using your phone in bed. There is no hidden secret that these devices will never impact your sleeping pattern, of course, the habit will be disrupted. Apart from disturbances, there is a high risk of safety issues which are really important for you to know.

According to research, 52% of children and teenagers charge their phones either on the bed or under their pillows. And this can become a big threat as the children do not know the consequences if their devices generate heat because the heat needs some space to get dispersed, and if the device is kept under a pillow then it will be difficult for the phone to disperse heat. This will make the charger hot, meaning, a person is at risk of catching fire if he/she comes in contact with a damaged electronic or exposed wire. A few days ago, a post went viral on Facebook, showing photos of a charger and bed completely burned, leaving burnt marks on the pillow, and a 16-year-old got her hand burned in order to unplug her phone.

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Now a question arises that how do these devices catch fire? There is a basic reason for the charger to catch fire and it is if you have a frayed or torn cable. To avoid such situations to happen, it is better to tape the opening of the wire back together or it is finally suggested to buy a new one in order to let any incident happen in the future due to overheating. The main problem with these devices is that the heat which is generated has to disperse and for that, it needs space to get dispersed. If the device is covered with a blanket or kept under a pillow then it may cause a problem.How to Live Longer, Know the Japanese Secret to a Prolonged Life?

It is suggested that if you charge your phone at night, then try charging it on a flat surface with no flammable material around and try to avoid using it when plugged in. We know it is hard but it is better to be safe than sorry, right? There is another thing which you should do, next time when you plug-in your device for charging, make sure that the case or back cover is removed because most of the time the heat gets trapped inside these back covers. Only such small things are needed to be remembered while charging your phone, which can stop an incident to happen in the future.

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