Download YouTube Video and Facebook Video On Mobile Like This


YouTube and Facebook are one of the two main entities that are used to view and share popular and trending videos and to download facebook video or the youtube video is a question. But the main problem we have with these platforms is that there is no direct way to download facebook video and youtube video and store these videos for future use.

Now, if you’re someone who is also annoyed with the same then you need to know one thing then we might have a solution for you. Just follow the procedure and make sure that next time this problem doesn’t haunt you.


Steps To Download Youtube Videos On Mobile

Youtube Videos can be downloaded using very simple methods, and some of them are as follows:

Using Youtube’s Offline Method

Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and then head onto the video that you would want to download. Locate to the bar below the video pan area and locate a button called ‘Offline’.

When you’ll press the button, the video will be automatically be saved to your phone. But using this way has its disadvantages such as you cannot share the download file and it can only be accessed in your YouTube app even when you’re offline.



One of the popular ways to save from youtube and also be able to share the video and transfer it to any other device is downloading it using online tools. SnapTubeApp’s website is one of the same things.

You can visit and download your desired file and keep it with you forever.

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SaveFromNet is another popular website in the same category of online tools used to download YouTube videos, download music from youtube But it has a slight difference, it allows you to choose your quality and file type while downloading as well.

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Steps To Download Facebook Video 

Facebook is the hub for viral videos that we want to share and have fun with our peers but what if you want to share a Facebook video to WhatsApp? You need to have an external downloader for that matter.

Now, while there may be many tools available in the market, tops them all and you can easily download Facebook videos using the same.

So, how do you like the trick we’ve just shared with you. Love them, like them, or maybe not too, then tell us in comments about the same right now.

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