7 Best Ways to have better relationship with Technology.


We are living in an era where our relationship with technology is much better than relationships with real people. We have our escapes to everything by just looking at the screens of our Phones, laptops, iPad or anything and we are in a different world altogether.
Though we convince ourselves that technology doesn’t run our lives but the fact today is that it does pretty much. Our day starts by looking into our phone, our social media handles(precisely) and ends with the same old scrolling.
Many of us would not even know how much time we spend looking into our phones. Some of us must be reluctant to know.

Here are some ways we will help you to have a healthy relationship with technology and a healthier relationship with those who really matter to you in life!

Understand the reason why there is a need for change

To begin with, how to make a change, first, you need to understand why there is a need to make that change. In terms of what is being affected when you are spending too many hours on your favourite technology. Do you feel like you’re not present with your loved ones? You can’t stay focused on work? Once you’ve identified your reasons for wanting a healthy relationship with technology, it’s a lot easier to change some of your habits.

Keep your Phone on DO NOT DISTURB MODE.

Keeping your phone on DND mode while you are trying to have a productive day really helps. Also, if you want to spend that quality time with your friends family or anybody for that matter. Reaching to your phone only when it’s needed decreases your reliance on technology. You don’t have to keep looking into it for the beeping notifications from time to time. Don’t let these phones to be constant disturbing elements in your life.

Have a pact with your family and friends of not using phones

We all must be guilty of taking out our phones whenever there is a little lull in the conversation. We conveniently choose to use our phones instead of embracing the conversation or adding to it. So, next time have a pact with your family and friends to not use your cellphones and have fruitful quality time without any disturbance. Keep your phones in a different room or simply put it in your bag.

Chuck out your most favorite apps from your phones on the weekend.

The weekend is supposed to be re-energizing time for you, the time when you can restore your freshness and bounce back to your week with all new vibe. Your weekend must be free of your favourite apps on the phones so that you get more time with yourself instead of your phones. Stay off the radar on Saturdays and Sundays, and gain that energy to get through the tiring week ahead of you.

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Keep your phones out of sight

We are in habit of using our phones more just because we have it in our line of sight. One of the excuses is to check the time! Hello, can we please spend a little on a traditional watch than excusing ourselves to use that technology?! Keep your phones away from your sight and you can concentrate completely on a  task other than social media.

Direct your subconscious for not letting you use your phone. 

Does it ever happen to you that you just take your phone out and start scrolling, and if someone asks you ‘what are you doing?’  you don’t really have an answer? It’s because your subconscious has been addicted to your phone and keeps telling to use it instead of making sense about it. So next time be aware when you are picking up your phone for no reason, stop right there!

Encourage others to make more time

Most of us find it hard to detach from technology simply because everyone else we know is attached to it too. We all know those people who get offended when we don’t respond to them right away or pull out their phones when we’re in the middle of a conversation. To have a truly healthier relationship with technology, we need to encourage others to do the same. That way, it won’t feel quite so alienating or strange to our friends and families if we aren’t answering calls or responding to texts immediately. Set those boundaries with your loved ones and encourage them to do the same in their lives.

These were simple ways to have a better and healthier relationship with technology. Let us know which way helped you the best!

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