World Mental Health Day Special: How To Identify Individual With Mental Illness and What To Do After?

Mental Health

Mental health is a very vast subject, and it cannot be covered under an article of merely eight paragraphs, but we’ll still try.

Now, If you see on the surface, mental illness cannot have a single definition.

While someone may be sad over losing their loved ones, the other could have the same reaction to something else, and it’s not objective; it’s subjective and changes from person to person.

Mental Health

But still, there are some common traits with which you can identify a person with mental illness. Which are as follows:

  • Loss of interest in most things due to mental exhaustion caused by overthinking and stressing over the same subject repeatedly.
  • Decreased appetite or stress eating disorder is also a sign, and a high spike can identify this as the regular eating habits of the individual.
  • Trying to explain things but not being able to do so at multiple events is also a sign that the individual feels oppressed and does not feel comfortable sharing things, which is a significant cause of overthinking and stress disorders.
  • Getting irritated over random things frequently.
  • Increased sleep duration due to lack of interest in social activities.

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Note: We’re not stating that any person with the same set of behavior is going through mental illness; it’s just a highly likely chance.

These behavioral things can also be noted in teens or adolescents, but it’s normal for them to do so. Usually, it gets over a short period under that condition, but do check on them once.


What Can You Do To Help?

You do not have to be an expert to help someone with a mental illness. It’s just you have to be there for them.

Additionally, it is noted that once such individuals get close to someone and trust them wholly to open up to them, their condition gets better. While you can be that trusting fellow, make sure you’re not just pretending to be.

We’re saying that individuals with mental illness are compassionate people, and they care deeply for the people they’re attached to.

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So, while you’re there affects them positively, your absence would do equal amounts of harm. Rest you can always go for medical options such as therapy or medication, but over the top, a friend who listens to their nitty-gritty stories is what they need.

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