Canada Is Ready For Open Direct Flight From India, Know The Details Now


The Delhi-Toronto route, which connects India to Canada, will reopen for flight departures, and it’s a big deal for those waiting for the past 05 months before it seized off.

There would be strict procedures that have to be followed to maintain a favorable departure schedule. This includes proper follow-up of Covid SOP’s for the travelers and more.



Now, you also need to have a Covid negative certificate where you are tested not 18 hours before the departure time and that too from the Airport lounge’s covid test facility only.

Any passenger would not be entertained with any excuse even if they come from a different city on covid harmful certificate generation.

Lastly, if you’re, you’re someone who wants to go from a connecting flight, which has been the open option until now.

“Before boarding, air operators will be checking the travelers’ test results ensuring they are eligible to come to Canada,” Transport Canada said in a statement.

The flights will operate again after September 26th, 2021, which is the D day you need to mark down.

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Moreover, the passengers also have to have complete vaccinations, which is something mandatory for you to take the flight.

The information about the passengers has to be filled up in the ArriveCAN mobile app or site, which the passenger has to cater to before entering the county.

Then the same old procedure will be followed where you have to get a covid negative certificate in any other country other than India, which is valid till 72 hours from the time of departure.

Moreover, the condition of the aviation industry is getting better by the day, which was gone to the worst-case scenario during the covid times.

We can expect such news from other countries where Indian passengers are not allowed for a direct flight due to the risk they bear.

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