8 lesser-known whiskey brands that you must try this weekend


For all the whiskey enthusiasts in the house, you must have seen whiskey brands grow in leaps and bounds and pave their way in the market with many options. There are some age-old gems that we stay true to and they often find their way into our bars and hearts, but some underrated and lesser-known gems strive hard to get in the limelight and get the appreciation that they truly deserve.

Topping the charts with whiskey consumption, India is the top consumer of this golden tonic. Therefore, it is now time to take up your whiskey game with some bottles of whiskey that are lesser-known and underrated but are surely good enough to give the popularly known brands a run for their money.

Here’s a list of 8 lesser-known whiskeys that you must give a try!


  • Nirvana by Paul John

This is one of the hidden gems in the list of unpeated single malt whiskeys. With a wide range of whiskey lovers who enjoy the malty, oaky, smoky, caramel, and fruity flavors in their whiskey, this masterpiece turns out to find the perfect balance between these rich notes to savor your taste buds. With all the necessary features of a good whiskey, this one qualifies to be taken in neat or even as a dreamy cocktail.

good lesser known whiskeys

Akashi – White Oak 

Japan is striving hard to find its way into the whiskey mart in the global arena. With Akashi – White Oak, it hits the market with a gem that wasn’t known to a lot. The export version of the whiskey is a perfect blend of sweet and bitter taste notes for your palate, making you savor your drinking experience.

Akashi The White Oak


  • Paul John Peated Select Cask

Made in none other than Goa, this classic creation of a single malt should definitely make its place in your bars. This work of art is a seamless blend of sweet, smoky, and natural flavors that are surely there to leave your palate smitten by it. Add some water to it and experience the beauty devour your palate with its magic.

Paul John Peated Select Cask

Aberlour 12 years Single Malt

If you are looking for a good whiskey that gives you true value for your money then grab a bottle of this single malt that is matured for a minimum of 12 years in both Oloroso Sherry butts and American Oak barrels. With double maturation of this premium whiskey, one gets to experience the amalgamation of beautiful complex flavors of vanilla, cinnamon crumb-cake, and light spice which are surely set to leave you all mesmerized.

good single malt in India

  • The Balvenie – Doublewood 12 years old

Rich in its character, this whiskey is one of its kind which has not got its deserved due. The 12-year maturation in two different kinds of wooden casks gives a diverse character to this whiskey, enhancing its top-notch flavor profile which is smooth and nutty with an after-taste of spicy cinnamon and sweet nuts.

good double maturation whiskey

  • Dewar’s 12 years

A merger of up to 40 finest single malts from Scotland and grain whiskeys, this golden caramel elixir is matured for at least 12 years in the oak and sherry casks which gives a smooth and rich flavorful taste to the one experiencing this beauty. With hints of caramel, charred oak, and smoke, this whiskey surely deserves to give you a high that would be worth the money.

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Dewar's Whiskey

  • Maker’s Mark

This beauty made using a 170-year-old family recipe is a small-batch bourbon whisky that has distinct features of wax seal which makes every bottle a unique one with no two bottles looking the same. Made from soft red winter wheat, the taste is neither bitter nor sharp with taste notes of vanilla, caramel, and fruity cores igniting your palate.

good lesser known bourbon

  • J&B Whiskey

With a flavorful profile, J&B is a blend of about 40 different whiskeys with a core of Speyside malt, giving a grassy, nutty, and fresh aromatic experience to begin with. This whiskey gives your palate a moment to savor the magnificent blend and richness of cedarwood, walnut, toffee, orange zest, and malt, making it a must-have for your perfect bar experience.


good underrated indian whiskeys

Grab these bottles and deviate from the usual brands for an experience that would be worth every penny!

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