About Prateek Kuhad And His Beautiful, Soulful Home


Prateek Kuhad is a singer and Indian musician who makes independent music in Hindi and English. He is famous for his song “cold/chaos”, which is included in former US President Barack Obama’s “Favorite Music 2019”.

Prateek Kuhad


Prateek Kuhad released a pair of EPS before releasing his debut album, after graduating from New York University. He has received international recognition since his 2015 debut album In Tokens, and charm. He grew up in the city of Jaipur before moving to the United States for his studies. He also became the first Indian to sign the American Record Label Elektra Records in 2020.

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Recently, Prateek’s house is shown in the Asia Paints video and the beautiful and minimal house was loved by all his fans and followers.

If you ever wonder about inspirations for your home decor you should definitely check out Prateek’s cozy paradise in Delhi. However, the house is a place of the heart. The house is filled with color pops, art, soft sofas, carpets, and espresso machines, comfortable and ideal rooms.

The living room consists of a pure L-shaped sofa loaded with some colorful cotton pillows that look very beautiful and cozy. He believes that art made the house much more friendly, so he hung beautiful paintings on the walls of his house.

There is also a studio in this amazing house, which is the best part of the house, where he spends most of the day. Along with this artwork, it is amazing and visually pleasing to enrich the area.

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The place has a vintage piano, drum kit, and guitar, this is the place he likes to sit and write songs. His house is a reflection of his desire for art. This strong influence comes from his mother who is an artist.

Beautiful sunshine seeped into the comfortable living room through windows. Marble floors, vibrant pillows, and work tables in the corner with bright orange chairs make everything look perfect. He believes that your place reflects your personality.

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